Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia
(1848 - 1867)


             Flag (obverse side)

             Detail of the Flag

Although in 1848 red-white and blue colours were used unofficially, the first official Croatian tricolour actually was not a national flag, but standard of ban (vice-roy) Josip pl. Jelačić. On the obverse side it has Croatian, Slavonian and Dalmatian coat-of-arms, together with a crown and Illyric symbols - six-pointed star and crescent. On the reverse it has pl. Jelačić's family arms.

It was made of Croatian red-white and Slavonian blue-white colours and for the first time raised in Zagreb on June 5, 1848 during the ceremony of installation of Josip pl. Jelačić as ban. In the same year, on September 7, Josip pl. Jelačić led Croatian troops towards Hungarian revolutionaries led by Lajos Kossuth. When reached - at that time - border on river Drava near Varaždin, he substituted this flag with imperial black-yellow.

Before, vice-roy standards usually were red and they bear national arms on one side, and vice-roy's family arms on another.

After defeat of revolutionary movements of 1848 - 1849, in Habsburg Empire was strictly forbidden to show national colours. In 1860s they were allowed again. From then, Croatians use red-white-blue colours as their national symbol.

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