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So, this is my theology corner... Here I'll put up some texts covering different aspects of God. Currently there aren't many here, but there'll be more as soon as I finish them. Don't expect them to be (church-)politically correct, because they won't necessarily be that.

God is so big and during our time-bound lives on earth we cannot grasp much of him. We can know he's our Creator, we can know he's God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit and we can know other things about him. But we cannot fully understand him. During my life I've experienced some aspects of God and the insights I've acquired by that is what I'm trying to express here. I'm sure many people who have experienced other aspects of God would disagree with much of what I have to say and that's natural. Every Christian has his own personal relationship with God and God reveals himself differently to different people. I just hope that what he's revealed to me will help someone else to get closer to God too. I don't claim that everything I write here is correct, but it's my belief.

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The Creation

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