Blood and Bullets

Executive Producer: Ric Wake

Widowmaker's first release "Blood and Bullets", marked Snider's first release after Twisted Sister. For this release, Snider teamed up with super-guitarist Al Pitrelli (currently touring with Savatage). Although heavy with blues influences in several of the songs, there are several of the hard rocking songs that brought Snider to the forefront in the first place. Yet, as with some of Twisted Sister's later albums, there are a few songs that I feel "just don't work". These are heavy on the commercial side, and a bit weak on the metal side. The tracks are "The Lonely Ones", "You're a Heartbreaker", "Calling for You", and "We Are the Dead". These tracks, to me, just don't fit what Widowmaker seems to be all about.

Band Members

Dee Snider-Lead and backing vocals
Joey Franco-Drums, percussion
Al Pitrelli-Lead adn rhythm guitars
Marc Russel-Bass

Track Listings

1. Emaheevul
2. The Widowmaker
3. Evil
4. The Lonely Ones
5. Reason To Kill
6. Snot Nose Kid
7. Blood and Bullets (Pissin' Against the Wind)
8. Gone Bad
9. Blue For You
10. You're a Heartbreaker
11. Calling For You
12. We Are the Dead

To see the complete lyric sheets, follow this link to the Dee Snider Home Page. 1