Bloodied, But Unbowed

Bloodied, But Unbowed

This album has an interesting history...
After the demise of Twisted Sister, Snider went on to start the "Desperado" project. In 1989, Snider, teaming up with guitarist Bernie Torme, created an album for Elektra Records. Poised for release, Elektra decided to shelve the album about two weeks before the initial unveiling.
The album wouldn't see the light of day for over 5 years. I finally got a hold of my copy through Danny Stanton, a guy that is trying his best to get unreleased Twisted material on the street for the fans. It was definitely worth the $20 that I paid. It plays as the transition between Twisted and Widowmaker. Songs such as "Easy Action", "Hang 'Em High", and "See You at Sunrise" highlight this long-awaited album. Also on this album can be found tracks that would later turn up as Widowmaker releases ("Gone Bad", "Calling On You", and "Emaheevul"). Also to follow Snider to Widowmaker was bassist Marc Russell.

Band Members

Dee Snider-Lead and backing vocals
Marc Russell-Bass
Bernie Torme-Lead, rhythm guitars
Clive Burr-Drums

Track Listings

1. Hang 'Em High
2. Gone Bad
3. The Maverick
4. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
5. Calling for You
6. See You at Sunrise
7. There's No Angels Here
8. Made For Trouble
9. Ride Through the Storm
10. Son of a Gun
11. Emaheevol
12. Easy Action
13. Heart of Saturday Night

To see the complete lyric sheets, follow this link to the Dee Snider Home Page. 1