Big Hits and Nasty Cuts

Producers: Edwin Kramer, Mark Mendoza

This greatest hits package was released almost five years after Twisted Sister's final performance in October, 1987, it includes many (but not all) songs that were released as singles in the UK and US and includes some live tracks from one of Twisted's infamous Marquis Club performances. Absent from this album are singles that were released after "Stay Hungry".
Although the production quality of this album was phenomenal, Snider himself had some complaints...namely the fact that he was not in on the decision to release it. He has said that its release was bad timing, resulting in lacking sales and promotion. Snider didn't think that in '92 the world was hungry for more Twisted, but rather the time is now ('95-'96).
High points of this album are the live tracks, indeed. Especially "It's Only Rock and Roll" and "Let the Good Times Roll/Feel So Fine".
For a pictoral history of the band, this is the cd to get. The photos are incredible!

Track Listings

1. We're Not Gonna Take It
2. I Wanna Rock
3. I Am, I'm Me
4. The Price
5. You Can't Stop Rock and Roll
6. The Kids Are Back
7. Shoot 'Em Down
8. Under the Blade
9. I'll Never Grow Up Now
10. Bad Boys of Rock 'n' Roll
11. What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You) - Live 12. Destroyer - Live
13. Tear It Loose - Live
14. Run For Your Life - Live
15. It's Only Rock and Roll - Live
16. Let the Good Times Roll/Feel So Fine - Live