Club Daze, Volume 1

This album is a collection of old Twisted favorites that were either only in limited release (such as on the Ruff Cutts album or never released at all. Layed down on a four track recorder, the sound is pretty damned authentic. The album includes tracks familiar to some bootleg collectors and some old favorites. The truly standout tracks, in my humble opinion, would be "Follow Me" and "Come Back". These two seem to spell out the feel that Twisted was trying to hold for the unwashed masses. The liner notes are excellent, giving a background for most every song. Also included is a pretty concise history of the band, including the names of some of the more obscure past members. This one is definitely worth the money if you're a true fan.

Band Members

Dee Snider- Lead and backing vocals
Tony Petri, et al- Drums
JayJay French - Lead Guitar, lead vocals on two tracks
Eddie Ojeda - Lead and rhythm guitar
Mark "The Animal" Mendoza - Bass Guitar

Track Listing