Love Is for Suckers

Love Is for Suckers

Executive Producer: Beau Hill

"Love Is for Suckers", Twisted Sister's last album as a functioning band, came out in 1987 following "Come Out and Play". For this album and tour, the band did away with the spandex and donned what they felt were "much more street"...jeans and leather.
I feel that this album tended to pick up where "Stay Hungry" left off...chock full of good, hard rockers such as the title track, "Tonight", and "Yeah Right!". This album had quite a commercial feel to it, but not as blatant as "Come Out..." did. While there are a few slow/ballad type songs, they helped to support the album as a whole and blended with the other tracks, a feel that wasn't as evident in "Come Out...".
With Joey "Seven" Franco replacing A.J. Pero on drums, this marked the first personnel change in Twisted since Tony Petri left after the release of Twisted Sister's EP "Ruff Cutts" (demos). Pero then went on to join a band called Cities which, I believe, was the band that he was in before Twisted. Franco went on to record with Snider on later albums during Snider's Widowmaker project. After the breakup of Twisted, Eddie Ojeda went on to do studio work with various musicians and recorded an album with the name Scarecrow. Check out "Eddie Ojeda Online" here.
Snider has said many times that it was the success of Twisted that caused it's demise; instead of instilling "fear" into the hearts of middle-aged America with its music, the name of Twisted Sister became a running, household joke comparative to "clowns...people would laugh instead of shudder".
The album marked the end of the Twisted era, although it would be followed in the years to come by a greatest hits release, a live album, and a Twisted reunion song on the "Strageland" soundtrack.

Band Members

Dee Snider-Lead and backing vocals
Mark "The Animal" Mendoza-Bass and backing growls
Joey "Seven" Franco-Drums, percussion
Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda-Lead and rhythm guitars
Jay Jay French-Lead and rhythm guitars

Track Listings

1. Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)
2. Hot Love
3. Love Is for Suckers
4. I'm So Hot for You
5. Tonight
6. Me and the Boys
7. One Bad Habit
8. I Want This Night (To Last Forever)
9. You Are All That I Need
10. Yeah Right!

To see the complete lyric sheets, follow this link to the Dee Snider Home Page. 1