Stand By for Pain

Executive Producer:Rick Kerr?
This album, Widowmaker's second release, is quite a change from their first release. Heavy with dark melodies and 90's grunge, this album seems to typify Snider's move from the 80's and into the 90's. It's difficult to pick out highlighted tracks from this album...almost all of them rank up there as phenomenal. But if I HAD to, I would say that "Protect and Serve", "Ready to Fall", "Just Business", "Long Gone"...aww, screw it...they're all fantastic.
If what I've heard is correct, this album is no longer being produced so do what you can to find it in used CD stores if you can't find it new. This one is my favorite. Pick it up if you can! You won't be sorry!

Band Members

Dee Snider-Lead and backing vocals
Joey Franco-Drums and percussion
Al Pitrelli-Lead and rhythm guitars
Marc Russell-Bass

Track Listings

1. Killing Time
2. Long Gone
3. Protect and Serve
4. Ready to Fall
5. Circles
6. Standby for Pain
7. Just Business
8. The Iron Road
9. Bad Rain
10. Cry a Dying Man's Tears
11. All Things Must Change

To see the complete lyric sheets, follow this link to the Dee Snider Home Page. 1