"No, that's not a camera in my pants...I'm just happy to be here!"

My trading rules for videoboots.

-Use Maxell Silver or Gold grade tapes ONLY.
-I trade per show, not per tape.
-I accept 2:1 trades. That is, I'll accept two audios for one video or two blank videotapes in exchange for one of my shows.
-Please, do not write on the labels.
-Include the exact date of the show, if possible.
-Use first class mail when sending shows to me.
1986 MTV Concert/The Final Countdown tour/ps/full show(80min)/A

Ace Frehley
1993 "Just for Fun" tour/Poughkeepsie, NY/A
1993 "AceVision" documentary/interviews and live footage/ps/A+
1995 L'Amour Rock Club, Brooklyn/aud/A

1994 Portland, OR/encore (approx 20min) featuring version of "Detroit Rock City"/aud/A

Hagar, $ammySee also HSAS
1983 MTV Concert/Three Lock Box tour(?)/ps/full show(80min)/A

H.S.A.S. (Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Kenny Aaronson, Michael Shrieve)
1984 MTV Concert/Through the Fire tour/ps/full show(70min)/A

1973-1979 "KISS: A Visual Evolution"/documentary/ps/1hr/A
1975 Winterland Ballroom/Hotter Than Hell tour/black&white/ps/A+
1975 "Midnight Special"/ps-tv/30 min/A
1975(?) Detroit,MI/ps/b-
1976 Anaheim, CA/Destroyer tour/ps/B (Sound faded for first 5 min
1977 Houston, TX(second night)/Love Gun tour/ps/A
1977 Budokan, Tokyo/ps/A-
1980 Largo/Dynasty tour/ps/A-
1980 Australia/interviews and live footage/ps/A
1984 KISS Animalize Uncensored/ps/A
1985 KISS Exposed/ps/A
1989 Detroit,MI/Hot In the Shade tour/ps/A
1994 KISS MY ASS/ps/A
1994 Santiago, Chile/Revenge tour/ps/A+
1995 Nagoya, Japan/aud/A+
1995 Dallas, TX/Konvention "Unplugged"/over 3 hours.aud/A
1995 MTV Unplugged/unedited, 3 hours/A+
1994 or 95 @Foundations Forum/most of show/aud/B
1995 KISS MY ASS/ps-compilation release/A+
1996 Reunion show/Madison Square Gardens/3 cameras/A+
1996 Reunion show/Dallas, Reunion Arena(July 5)/A
misc clips and performances (Paul Lynde's Halloween Spec., Dick Clark's In Concert, etc.)

Iron Maiden
1985 Live After Death/Powerslave tour/ps/A- vocals faded, picture excellent

Lizzy Borden
1985 Murderess Metal Roadshow/ps/A+

Motley Crue
1984 Boston(?)/Shout At the Devil tour/aud/A

19?? Exit...Stage Left/ps/A+

1987 Detroit/Hall of the Mountain King tour/aud/A
1989 The Troc, Philly/Gutter Ballet tour/aud/A
1993 Dallas, TX/Edge of Thorns tour/aud/A+
1994 Kawasaki, Japan/Handful of Rain tour/ps/A w/some tracking probs
1994 Savatage video compliation/A+
1996 Tampa, FL/Dead Winter Dead tour/aud/A

1986 World Wide Live/Love After First Sting tour/ps/A+

Sick Mutha Fuckers
1995 Dee Snider's SMFs/ps/A+

Spinal Pap (yes, I know it's's a joke...didja see the movie?)
1982 outtakes and clips that were never included in the original release of the movie "This Is Spinal Tap". Total of two hours, excellent quality.
1993 25th Anniversary Reunion concert/Royal Albert Hall, London/ps/NOT THE NBC VERSION (more songs)

Howard Stern, the King of All Media
I have all 69 episodes of the WWOR/Channel 9 shows. Quality=B (some gen. loss)
Butt Bongo Fiesta/A
U.S. Open Sores/A
Underpants and Lingerie Party/A
1994 New Year's Eve pay-per-view/B (lines at top of screen)

Twisted Sister Also see Widowmaker and Sick Mother Fuckers
1980 2001 Club, Brooklyn/Under the Blade tour/aud/B-(collectors only)
1984 MTV Concert/approx 45 min/A+
1986 Detroit/Come Out and Play tour/aud/B
videotape full of various Dee Snider interviews and footage/tv/2hrs/A+
Snider hosts the "Top 20 Videos of All Time" (1985)/missing first video

1984 The Lyceum, England/WASP tour/ps/full show/A+
1992 First Blood...Final Visions/ps/interviews and footage/b&w/A+

1993 Brooklyn/Blood and Bullets tour/aud/B+

Wanna make a trade? Email me, please. Check back often!

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