Sasha's Homepage
    If you like Germans (ha), Yugoslavians (yeah right),
    necrophiliacs, sheep, or tennis, then this is a page for 
    you.  One of craziest people I have ever met. Sasha's entire
    life can be summed up in one statement.  Enjoy.

Raj Dog's Homepage
    This wanker, Raj Dog, is British Swine, and anyone who visits    
    his page is British Swine as well.  He was one of my roommates,
    which is the only reason I put a link to him here. 
    Click here if you wish to view RAJ'S GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

Glavin's Homepage

    Glavin just started his homepage, but I look forward to 
    seeing it...He is a spider-man junky, so I imagine it will have some 
    good webbing with it.  My best friend, from Stone Mountain, GA.

Michael's Homepage
    This web page is great!  It is just starting out, but it
    will soon be one of the best pages on the net...

Jason's Homepage
    This is one of my "roommates" from down the hall.  He
    is a good guy with a wicked mini-basketball trick shot.  
    Check out his page if you are interested in collecting or 
    selling Coke products.