My name is Anigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!...
Actually, my real name is ...not important.  However, what is 
important is that you forget you ever heard of me.  In fact, don't 
mention it to anyone, not even your best friend.  I am an
outlaw, wanted by the FBI, the CIA, the ESPN, and the
artist formerly known as Prince, to name a few.  It has 
become increasingly important for me stay anonymous, 
because if someone discovers my identity they will surely
have to be killed.  As a matter of fact, as soon as you 
logged on to my page I was aware of every known piece of 
information on you, including what you ate for dinner last
night and your mother's maiden name (with pictures). 

If you are wondering why it is that I call myself "Hill",
well here is the reasoning : "Hill" spelled backwards is "lliH", 
which, as you all know, is short for "lliHyyuHui", an ancient
Swahili word, which can be broken down into two words, "lliHyy", 
meaning 'a man who can do lots' and "uHui" which means 
'of cool things with his bare hands and feet'.  The nickname
was given to me by none other that Michael Jordan, who now
refers to me as "Hey you, I said get the @##$ out of my yard!!!"
We are real close.