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Many Thanks To My Sister-In- Law "Amy" for the creation of these poems,you're a true friend and without you our Mother-In-Law would drive me.....NUTS!!

Who Am I?

You'd never recognize me.

In my favorite wear.

Mud from head to toe.

And some sand to spare.

Put me on a cycle,

And set me free.

make it truly heaven,

Let dad come with me.

Speeding down the hillside

At a mean 25

Even at the age of 9

It's great to be alive.

It's true I sometimes do wrong.

Every once in a while

but I know just how to play you

with my heartbreaker smile

Yeah you got my number

I'm an easy guess you see

But go ahead and try to guess,

alas you know it's me!!!


Who Am I ?

Yes, it's true

I often whine

other than that

I'm really fine

It's just I like

to have my way

don't often care what you have to say

You see at 13

I know it all

I've seen the writing on the wall

There's nothing new

that you can tell

I know it all

I know it well

Infact, I know

So much you see

That you could learn

Alot from me

I'm not sassy

like you say

You see, I simply

Want my way!

Alas, you know.

With a smile and sigh,

Go ahead and guess,

Who am I?


Who Am I ?

Hurry, hurry,

gotta go.

Get off the phone,

You move to slow.

Load the car,

get the kids

Make sure they already

Took a wiz.

"okay , I'm ready,

tired but done.

Me, daughter and son.

........Alas, we're somehow missing one!!!

We just don't know

Where could he be.

Last minute mowing?

Trimming a tree?

Changing his shoes,

'cuz they don't match his shirt?

washing the car,

for that last speck of dirt?

Looking for yesterdays

'Dear Abby' advice?

Checking for fleas, ticks,

or maybe head lice?

Calling his booky?

Cleaning a drawer?

Checking if the light goes out,

When you close the fridge door?

I guess we'll never really know,

For what will be, will be.

And like I really need to ask....

Okay, Who is he?


Who Am I?

Tired weathered

still she rises

Working hard

No awards or prizes.

"Foolish some may

call her that

She flips them off

Then knocks 'em flat.

Her patients worn,

She don't take shit

What she lacks in words

She makes up in tit!

She'd love to sick

Her dog on you,

then cook you up

When Max is through.

Then serve you as the

evening feast.

Then use your bones

To pick her teeth.

But please don't feel too threatened,

For I simply must confess.

It's not her normal self you see.

It's simply P.M.S.


Who Am I?

I can't believe I'm who I am

I'm black and white and tall

The problem is, I am so large

And yet I think I'm small

I'd love to jump up in your lap

Tho, I'd scare you if I tried

And even if you let me up

Your lap is not that wide

And I'm always glad to see you

Tho you often start to yell

It's just I did not realize

I just whacked you with my tail

I forget I stand some 3 feet high

With my tail 12 inches plus

And weigh more then 80 pounds

But still don't understand the fuss

I'm as friendly as they come, you see

I'm loyal, through and through

If you feed me love me hug me

YEP--- I'll be there just for you

Have you guessed me yet, I doubt it

Tho, I'm sure I left out facts!

But hey, I'm just a great big lug

And proud to be called...


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