Here's just a few of my favorite bookmarks I hope you enjoy your travel as much as I have!!!


POWWOW ~ Wanna Chat?? Chat online with up to 7 people at once, make voice connections, cruise the web, even graffiti together.

ICQ ~ Do you want to know when your friends are online, send files, chat, receive messages? Check out ICQ.

Diablo ~ Like role play games? Ok, you have to buy this program but the 30 something dollars is WELL worth it!!

Igames ~ Play hearts, spades, cribbage, and backgammon online with other internet players.

The Bingo Zone ~ Play Bingo online for free, and even win some cash doing it.


Rocktropolis ~ Everything you want to know about rock and roll, and done with some great graphics.

Music King's Ultimate Midi Archive ~ For a list of some great downloadable midi's check out the King.

Jack's Music Shack ~ Lots and lots of midi's in all kinds of catagories, A well stocked sight.

Elton John ~ A nice page for Elton John Fans


LadyBandit's Place In The Sun ~ Meet my "partner in crime", she's done a GREAT job on her homepage, this is a must see.

Kristie's Place In Cyberspace ~ Kristie has some great pages, downloadable backgrounds, and tips here.

JoAnne's Bits and Bytes ~ Jo has done a great job on her page, check out the graphics she's created for downloading.

Chris's Cat Corner ~ Find out who REALLY rules the roost at Chris's place.

Kaye Being Kaye ~ For humor and fun, hit Kaye's page, she is TOO FUNNY.

Eddie's Bus Stop ~ Meet Eddie, and the love of his life his bus.

Janet's Secret Garden ~ A very well done homepage, you'll feel welcome here. Be sure to check out her "Tips" and "Just for Fun" pages.


Barking Spiders ~ Almost as much fun as a bucket of worms, and a whole lot cleaner.

Netaholics Anonymous ~ Wonder if you're addicted to the internet, find out here.

Yahoo Jokes ~ Links and more links to funny stuff.

The Funny Firm ~ You can lose yourself in funny stuff here.

Insults ~ Random insults, keep looking you'll find something you'll be able to use someday.

Deep Thoughts ~ An interesting view of the not so obvious.

Letterman's Top Ten Lists ~ Got to love Letterman, here's the archives of his top ten lists.

Heartless Bitches ~ Some people just use there hurt as humor, there is some FUNNY stuff here.


The Mouse Pad ~ Like the train at the top of this page? There is some GREAT graphics and tons of them available here.

Rose's Animated Gif Archive ~ An animated gif sight, you could spend hours here.

Ace Of Space ~ Backgrounds for downloading, you'll love this sight.

True Realities ~ Lots and lots of animated graphics.

Phillis's Backgrounds And Alphabets ~ More backgrounds and some alphabets to dress up your pages.


49er's Homepage ~ Learn all you want to know about my favorite team.

Team NFL ~ Find out all about the teams the 49er's will stomp on this year.


All My Episodes ~ Get the latest updates and scoop on the soap you missed because you were online.

Warner Brothers Online ~ TV, Movies, Music and More.

Found Money ~ Ever wonder if you closed a bank account, or a long lost relative has left you some cash? Check it out.

Horoscopes ~ Get some good karma going for you.

Jumble and Crossword Solver ~ Cheating? I don't think so, more like creative solving.

People Find ~ Ever wondered where your highschool friend is, or a long lost cousin? Search here for them.

Map It ~ Want to know the fastest or sceanic route to a destination? Get a map here.