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Greg's Audit

Name: GregB

Favorite Current Music: NONE!! There hasn't been any REAL music since about the mid-70's LOL:)

Favorite ALL-Time Album: Wish You Were Here

HOme: The mountains of North Carolina Home away from Home: Statesville, NC

Birthday: December31, 1959

Occupation: Auditor <stern look> Better hide those books ;)

Hobbies: Computer games, fishing, computer games, reading, computer games ;)

Likes: COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!! (Nectar of the Gods for those over 30), Sex in the morning <ewg>

Dislikes: People that don't recognize the fact that *I* have the right-of-way .. ALWAYS!!!!!!

Loves: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{JO}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Favorite games (Internet): Euchre, Spades, Cribbage, Diablo.

Favorite Drink: Julie, you STOLE mine ;op Margarita, on the rocks, with salt :-) And the drink you make with tequila is pretty good too <WG>

Nicknames: Brat, Bigger Brat, BIGGEST Brat ;)

My Most Embarrassing Moment: As a corporate meeting was breaking up (yeah, the BIG bosses), a *friend* of mine suddenly called for quiet. He announced to the group of us that he had a VERY hot stock tip. When asked, he informed us that Carter Wallace (A condom manufacturer) was gonna be REALLY hot in a week or so!! When asked why, he responded : "Because Greg is going to Amsterdam next week!!!!!!!!!!" I was SOOO startled, that all I could do was blush about 3 million shades of red, and beat a hasty exit for the door!!!!!!!!!

My REAL Most Embarrassing moment: Hmmmmmm.. ask JoAnne about our adventure in the Wild Animal Park <VEWG>

An Award For A Special Friend

To Bizz The Best Bartender Around!!!

Get Euchre Now And Bizz Will Welcome You With Your Drink Of Choice Or A Bizz Surprise!!

Thanks Bizz For The Drinks And Fun!!!

Whatta Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddy!!!!!

Billy's Bar

Fav CD: Boyz II Men

Favorite Music: R&B, Hip Hop From - DelRay Beach

Embarrassing Moment:

Born On Date: March 8, 1976

My Loves: TV, Music, Sports, and playin' on Computer w/ friends

Occupation: Bartender on Net

Favorite Game: Spades

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Movie: Tombstone

Nick Names: Bizz, Hulk, B-Love

June's Book

Favorite CD: John Berry

Favorite Music: Country

Embarrassing Moment: My husband was in the army and we were in Germany in 1959. I heard a knock at the door, it was early in the morning and I had not yet put on clothes. In my haste to answer the door, I pulled the front of my robe tightly across my body and held it with one arm. I answered the door, and after getting rid of the vendor I closed the door, and looked down. LO and behold, I had forgotten about the hole under the arm in my robe and pulling the robe so tightly had also pulled my gown over. There was my bosom exposed!!! I was glad that vendor never came to my door again. That was my most embarrassing moment!!

Location: West Columbia, SC

Born On Date: 12/21/39

Occupation: Bookkeeper

My Loves: Family, Friends, Card Games, Crafts, Computer

Favorite Games: Euchre, Cribbage, Pinochle

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Movie: Lethal Weapon I-III

Nicknames: Junebug

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Brent's Investigation

Favorite CD: Janet Jackson - Janet (If I was your Girl…The things I do to you)

Favorite Music: Anything with Female Vocals

Favorite embarrassing moment: I have experienced so many…It is hard to recall one. My first was when my sister was 4 years old and I was 5. She started saying…Brent is a Girl…Brent is a Girl….Girl. Girl. Girl…. I took off running at her and she turned to run in the house. Just as I reached her, I pushed her and she went face first into the cement steps; knocking out her four front teeth. My adventures in amateur dentistry did not end there. I was playing racket ball in High School and hit my opponent in the mouth with a racket; knocking out his two front teeth.  Needless to say I felt like low down shit each time……..I still get Christmas cards from the town dentist.

Location: Fort Riley, Kansas. For now.. Who knows tomorrow?

Born on Date: 12/20/61

Occupation: Special Agent with the Army Criminal Investigation Command

My Loves: My family, Hunting, Fishing, Guns and Computers.

Favorite Game: Doom and Duke3D…Diablo if I ever buy it.

Favorite Food: Pizza and Steak

Favorite Drink: Coors Light

Favorite Movie: Lethal Weapons I-III

Nicknames: Pacman, Bro

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Eddie's Bus Stop

Favorite CD: Maynard Ferguson's, "These Cat's Can Swing."

Favorite Music: Jazz & 60's Rock and Roll

Most Embarrassing Moment: I was playing the crane game at an amusement park that had a deck of nudie cards in it !! A woman and her child walked up and said, "Let's watch and see what this man is trying to win!!" Just as the crane came down to try to grab these cards!! She screamed,"MY GOD LOOK WHAT HE'S TRYING TO WIN!!" She ran one way while I ran the other. To this day, I never knew if I won that deck of cards or not. LOL

Eddie is from Laurence Harbor, New Jersey

Born On Date: July 9,1960 ( Almost in the front seat of an Elizabeth Transit Bus )

Occupation: Full-Time Bus Driver, Part-Time Musician

He loves: TV, Sleeping, And Playing with his Puter Friends

Favorite Game: Backgammon

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter

Favorite Movie: Speed "funniest movie I ever saw"

Nicknames: Fast Eddie, Dr K, and Babe

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JoAnne's Byte

Favorite CD: Jann Arden's, "Living Under June"

Favorite Music: Alternative and Rock & Roll

Most Embarrassing Moment: I once burned down my highschool football field when I was twirling a fire baton. I didn't want to go back to school EVER again. People still remember this incident in my home town which is probably why I moved all the way across the country to get away from there!!! LOL

JoAnne is originally from South Jersey but she lives in Southern California now

Born On Date: May 17, 1953

Occupation: Self Employed Computer Consultant

She Loves: {{{{{{{{{{{{GREG}}}}}}}}}}},Good Friends, music, books, foreign films, computers, the ocean and

card games.

Favorite Game: Pinochle, Cribbage and Euchre

Favorite Drink: Kendall Jackson Chardonney

Favoite Movie: Babbette's Feast

Nickname: Jo

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Loye's Application

Favorite CD: Alanis Morissette "Jagged Little Pill",Journey's Box Set, Time 3

Favorite Music: Depends on the Mood, I love all music.

Favorite Artists: Dan Fogelberg, Elton John, Steve Perry, and Bonnie Raitt

Most Embarrassing Moment: While getting my haircut at a salon where my mom worked, my hairstylist asked me if I wanted my hair dried after she was done. Usually I said "no thanks" because my hair was pretty curly and it comes out looking terrible. But this time I decided to let her dry my hair. After she was completed , I looked in the mirror, and it looked pretty good!! In a room full of older ladies, and my mom's co-workers, I proclaimed, "WOW ! Thanks Mary! That's the best blow job I've ever had! Looking in the mirror, I could see myself turning some shade of purple realizing what I had just said. Trying to quickly correct the word "job" to "dry" was too late as the chuckling throughout the salon was obvious.

On my way home apparently the word had gotton out, My father was backing out of the driveway, I yelled to him "Where are you going?" He shouted back, "I'm going to get my haircut and ask for what you got!" LOL

Loye Currently Lives in: Ponca, Nebraska

Born on Date: May 27,1960

Occupation: Senior Systems Analyst At Gateway 2000

He Loves: Golf, Fishing, Bowling, Anything that has to do with puters, and listening to Rush Limbaugh

Favorite Game: CivilizationII, and Euchre, Diablo

Favorite Drink: Bud Light, Cranberry Ginger Ale & Black Velvet

Favorite Movies: Braveheart, Somewhere In Time, and Field of Dreams

Nickname: Pacman

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LadyBandit's Hideout

Name: Julia

Favorite CD: Currently: New Beginning Tracy Chapman

Favorite Music: All Time Favorite: Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf ( yes the 1st one )

Most Embarrassing Moment: ( the clean one, cause of geocities standards! )

High School Swim Team - My first meet ever, I was up on the startng block waiting for the race to begin. I was so nervous and probably let my mind wander abit...Well the starting gun goes off and I didn't hear it!!! All the sudden I hear my coach screaming at me to get going... I look out and all the other swimmers were almost finished with the first lap! Needless to say I was dying there in front of a whole stand full of people...me still on the starting block and everyone else in the race. So of course from that point on in my highschool career I did all I could to live it down. But it doesn't end there...Just when you think your life can go on, the 10 year class reunion comes up and there is was printed in black and white in the memorial book they handed out to everyone... MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT!!! LOL

LadyBandit Currently Lives: In The San Fransisco Bay Area...but Florida will always be my home.

Born On Date: March 2,1961

Occupation:Smithsonian Curator ( ok I added that for a inside joke )

She Loves: Good Conversation, A Great Cup of Coffee, and The Warm Summer Breeze off the ocean.

Favorite Games: Euchre, Spades, Poker and Flirting

Favorite Drink: Margarita On the Rocks, with salt.

Favorite Movie: Somewhere In Time

Nicknames:Online: LadyBandit, MsBandit, LadyJewel, ScubaGirl, and DixieGirl

At Home: Hey Woman!!, Julie, and Jewel

Email LadyBandit @

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JamesBond's Bio of Bond

Name: George Fuller

Favorite CD: Jimmy Buffett's Song You Know By Heart

Favorite Artist: Duke Tomato

Most Embarrassing Moment: It was the time T.D. and R.M whipped L.B. and I in Euchre.

JamesBond Currently Live in: Indianapolis, Indiana

( You know the home of the next superbowl champs )

Born on Date:

Occupation: Bible Thumper until I met Kitty and Julie online.

He Loves: Flirting with women, winning in gambling, playing golf, bowling , cheering for the Colts, Pacers, and of course the Indiana Hoosiers in basketball.

Favorite Games:

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Micholob Dry,

Favorite Movie:

Nicknames: MickDry, Bondy

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BoardHead's Waterhole

Name: Mike Jones

Favorite CD: Graceland

Favorite Music: Rolling Stones, Bach

Embarrassing Moment: After a year as a member of two different wine tasting groups, making wine and studying hard, I was out to dinner with some old friends, hoping to show off my newly developed talents. The wine steward went through his ritual and poured me a glass to taste first. Swirling the wine high on the sides of the glass, I stuck my nose deep into the glass to breathe in the bouquet. I SNORTED the wine. Gagging and choking with wine running from my nose, I almost fell backwards in my chair. LOL

Boardhead Currently Lives in: Boise Idaho

Born On Date: January, 1945, Boston

Occupation: President of a Large Charity Serving Troubled Kids.

He Loves: His wife ( collective ahhhh here ),his family, Windsurfing, Golf, Work, Windsurfing, Reading, Windsurfing, The Net, and...."Did I say Windsurfing?"

Favorite Puter Game: Spades and Backgammon

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite Drink: Single Malt Scotch

Favorite Movie: Harold and Maude, Airplane, Caddy Shack, and Arthur

Nicknames: Online Boardhead - Offline Jones

Email BoardHead @

BoardHead's Favorite Links

GoodGirl's Redwoods and More

Real Name: Karen

Favorite CD : Today's: Celine Dion Falling Into You

Favorite Music: "I enjoy all types of music, depending on my mood."

Embarrassing Moment: 1987 - Pushing my 4 year old son in a cart down the store aisle and he yells out for God and everyone to hear, "Hey old man, where's all your hair?" I turned around and there bent over putting away milk was this little bald headed man. The gentleman looks at my son and asked, "What did you ask son?" I looked at my son with the famous mom expression that tells all kids, if you open your mouth, my foots going in it. Did that stop my son? HELL NO! He yells out louder this time "I said , where's all your hair old man?" I'm whispering to Matt to be quiet and he looks up at me and yells, "But mommy that old man don't have no hair." At that moment, I wanted to die and take my son with me. LOL

Goodgirl Currently Lives in: Northern California ( Where the redwood trees grow and a whole lot more )

Born On Date: November 25, 1959 Santa Monica California

Occupation: Co-Manage Vacation Homes....need one?

Her Loves: Coffee and a sunrise, wine and a sunset, a dance in the moonlight. Hiking, volleyball, spending time with my family and friends on and offline. Staying young at heart. Having people smile and feel good about themselves.

Favorite Puter Games: Poker, spades, and backgammon

Favorite Food: Hot and Spicy foods

Favorite Drinks: Ice tea, tequila shooters, lime and salt please.

Favorite Movie: Too many to mention

Nicknames: Online Goodgirl - gg Offline sugar - when hubby wants something. LOL

Email Goodgirl @

Cardshark's Hysteria

Name: Chris

Favorite CD: Def Leppard's Hysteria

Favorite Music: Rock, Blues and Some Alternative

Embarrassing Moment: I was 10 years old on a flight with my parents. I was walking back to my seat after visiting the restroom when we hit some turbulence...I was kinda queasy already and that just pushed me over the edge. Next thing I knew I was throwing up all over...not down onto the floor oh no, but straight in front of me hitting at least 3 or 4 people! Needless to say at that moment, all I wanted to do is die. After the plane landed I refused to get off until every other person on the plane left. I wanted to make sure none of those people saw me again. LOL

Cardshark Currently Lives In: Sacramento California

Born On Date: July 2, 1968

Occupation: Production Assistant for a Medical Electronic Publishing Company

He Loves: Entertaining his friends, playing with his cats, and rooting for the Denver Broncos and the 1996 Stanley Cup Champions' Colorado Avalanche

Favorite Games: Poker, Spades, Cribbage and Quake

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Drink: JD and Coke

Favorite Movies: Star War Trilogy, When Harry Met Sally, and Cassablanca

Online Names: Sharkman and Cardshark

Email Cardshark @

Rocketman's Plan

Name: Tony

Favorite CD: Fresh Aire Piano

Favorite Music: Almost Anything

Embarrassing Moment: Well ....er.....( in my single days) a hooker......( who wasn't a dog like that one the actor got caught with either), a condom, a front seat, an underground garage, 2 Hollywood Vice Cops ( guns drawn ) LOL....LOL......you fill in the blanks.

Rocketman Currently Lives In: Santa Paula, California

Born On Date: July 21, 1945 in Chester PA.

Occupation: Financial Planner

He Loves: His Girls, His Career, and His Golf

Favorite Games: Euchre ( when my favorite partner is paying attention )

Favorite Food: Beef Wellington

Favorite Drink: Wooder

Favorite Movie: Silverado ( watched at home with the surround sound turned way up )

Favorite Book: The Charm School

Favorite Author: John Sanford and his "Prey" series of books ( for those with perverted minds like mine )

Nicknames: Email Rocketman @

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