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"Cuz Steve comes with the lethal, dope shit/Click on the mouse, the punks run like roaches...."--Moreno/Murray Colaborations

"Notable Quotable":

Being born with less/ I must confess only adds on to the stress./ Two gunshots, to my homie's head died at his best/ Shot him to death for his family to see./ I pass his casket, gently askin', 'Is there heaven for g's?'/ My homeboy's doin' time, baby mama be stressin'/ Sheddin' tears when her son finally asked that question/ 'Where my daddy at? Mama why we live so poor?/ Why you cryin', heard ya late night through my bedroom door?/ Now do you love me mama why they keep on callin' me nigga/ Get my weight up with my hate, and pay 'em back when I'm bigga'...'"--Makaveli, "white man'z world"

Def Squad News (what I could find)

There's not much to say here except.....Finally!!! The two albums all Def Squad fans have been waiting the whole year...are out! Keith Murray's album Enigma came out on Nov. 19. It's classic Keith, as he comes with his dope "vocabulation that's outta yo' imagination." The production is also tight, with signature Eric Sermon funk beats. Muddy Water, Redman's new L.P. hit stores a few weeks late of it's again rescheduled release date of Nov. 19, on Dec. 10. It is also worth the wait, but come on, it was also supposed to be out in the early part of '96. It's full of classic Redman, with his dope metaphorical lyrics. I suggest picking them both up. Redman is also scheduled to release an album with Method Man, so be on the look out for that one, probably late next year. Everyone has been looking forward to an album from what many feel is hip-hop's best "duo." Def Squad fan or not, check the "lethal dope shit", from Keith and Reggie Noble. Also, check out my Muddy Waters review.

Albums or singles you should not be without:

  1. Outkast--ATLiens (The best album ever!)
  2. Makaveli--the don killuminati, the seven day theory (contains some very deep shit)
  3. 2Pac--Me Against the World (2 years old, yet remains dope as when released)
  4. Redman--Muddy Waters (Dopest lyricist, a metaphorical genius.)
  5. Snoop Dogg--Tha Doggfather (doesn't reach Doggystyle status, but still dope)
  6. Mobb Deep--Hell On Earth (good production and lyrics of course)
  7. Rhyme and Reason soundtrack (All-star cast of artists)
  8. Lost Boyz f/Tha Pound & Cannibus--"Music Makes Me High (Rmx)" (They got my $ again w/ a dope remix, better than album version)
  9. Tony!Toni!Tone! f/DJ Quik--"Let's Get Down" (Quik adds a lot to an already great song, especially w/ is production.)
  10. Nate Dogg f/Snoop--"Never Leave Me Alone" (another hit from the Row, increases anticipation for G-Funk Classics Vol. I)


MAKAVELI (aka 2PAC)--the don killuminati the 7 day theory


Originally intended as a 6 song EP, The New and "Untouchable" Death Row saw a $$$ making opp in expanding this album to a 12 song LP. the don/7 day theory does not disappoint PROS: Personally, I would rank this one second behind Me Against the World. Makaveli is very deep on many songs showing how powerful his lyrics can be, especially on songs like "white man'z world", "hold ya head", and "krazy." CONS: In contrast, the PAC we heard on All Eyez shines through on "bomb first" and "against all odds" in which he continues his dispute with Biggie, The Infamous Mobb, Nas, and Jay-Z. He also has a few words for Dre on "toss it up" and "to live & die in l.a." More m.f. PROS: Definitely pick this shit up if you haven't already, it's a classic in my book, with songs such as "hold ya head", "krazy", "white man'z world", "me and my girlfriend" (a story of PAC and his right hand woman), "blasphemy" and "to live & die in l.a." being the definite standouts. If you are one of us who think PAC may still be alive, listen closely....."Look for me...." The only thing keeping this album from perfection is some of the added songs which are all dope, but some simply do not belong on this album. This line from "krazy" illustrates true 2PAC and is one of my favorites:

"They say my ghetto instrumental, detrimental to kids/ As if they can't see the misery in which they live. Blame me for the outcome playin' my records, check it/ Don't have to bump this but please respect it. I took a minus and now the hard times are behind us/ Turned it to a plus now they stuck livin blinded"

MOBB DEEP--Hell On Earth


The Infamous Mobb does not disappoint with their follow-up to The Infamous. The production and lyrics on this album are simply tighter than my butt cheeks (that's about as tight as you can get). Pee and Havoc got their shit down with their smooth lyrical flow, as they work perfect as a team. Guest artists such as Nas, Meth, Raekwon, Big Noyd, & General G simply add some spice on a few tracks to an album that needs no special seasoning. My favorite rack is "Drop a Gem On 'Em." It happens to pay "homage" to Pac, yeah sure. But hey, this is lyrical warfare, and all's fair in love and war. This song is to this album as "Shook One's" was to The Infamous. Other standout tracks are "Still Shinin'", "Can't Get Enough of It", "Apostle's Warning", "G.O.D. Pt. III", and "Hell On Earth." To reach the hidden track "In the Long Run" on the enhanced CD dial 652-5838 on the payphone. If you don't know what I'm talking about, e-mail my ass. This song is a shot a Mr. Murray. CON: Not much originality on subject matter, the same ol' shoot your ass, etc., etc. Other than that this album is fuckin' dope, so I suggest you pick it up if you haven't already.


PROS: Definitely the dopest album I have ever heard. Dope production, dope lyrics, and a pretty positive yet true message. Where to begin on this one, I don't know. The Intro is dope, then you get "Two Dope Boyz", "ATLiens", and "Elevators" and the list goes on. My favorite track is definitely "13th Floor/Growing Old." "Fat titties turn to tear drops as fat ass turns to flab/Sores that was open wounds eventually turn to scabs/Trees bright and green turn yellow-brown/All dem, all dem, see autumn leaves must fall down...Growin' Old" goes the chorus the end of the track. From beginning to end this album is the shit! Simply pop it in your CD player or deck and enjoy phat-ass beats and lyrics. Unfortunately for me, I think I may have played it out already, but give me a week or so and I'll be ready to play it out some more. CONS: You may play this shit out (or is that a pro?) classic, or should I say The Classic. 5 M.F. CD's!!!

SNOOP--Tha Doggfather

"This shit's gonna be bigga than the O.J. case.""What?""This dick.""This album is pretty big, but as critics are quick to point out, not as big as Doggystyle. But shit, come on, how can you expect Snoop to sell as many copies as he did on his debut. Remember his ass was hotter than Stacy Sanches when she's sees Steve when Doggystyle came out. That album was the followup to Dre's. PROS: Anyways, this album is still classic Snoop. Although, there is some variation, with new types of production on some songs (Could that be because the Row is Dre-less? Hmmm...) which is good. "2001" is my favorite cuz all Snoop "wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce ya'll". Other dope one's are "oggfather", "Freestyle Conversation ("I don't need no fuckin' beats")", "You Thought" with Soopafly and $hort Dog. $hort supplies my favorite line from the album, "Beeeeyaatch....what are ya smokin'/ A big fat dick comin' from east Oakland..." "Groupie" is the follow-up to the now classic "Ain't No Fun." The Pound, Nate Dogg, and Warren Griffin, are back with Snoop D-O-doubleG on this badboy. Did I say "badboy", sorry. CONS: I must agree this album doesn't quite reach Doggystyle status, but shit Jordan doesn't score 50 points every game either. Also, Snoop tends to contradict himself. He tells on youngster not to wanna "be like Snoop" and is positive, but then turns around and tells a homeboy to kill this guy who's a "bitch." Could the "hard core gangsta rapper" Snoop Dogg actually be good at heart and afraid to ruin his rep??? Probably, I don't know, but pick this shit up before he has Flossy B slap yo ass.

REDMAN--Muddy Waters


"Iz he 4 real?"You bet your sorry ass. PROS: As Red says, "You couldn't total my amount if you sung 'I Missed You'/Diss you, dismissed you/ Let your girl suck on the shit that I piss through." Just a taste (for all you sick fools who wanna taste) of Redman's funny ass lyrics. His shit is dope. He a master of metaphors who can think of tons of shit, even though his mindset is usually set around chicks, weed, kickin' an m.c.'s ass, and did I mention chicks and weed, and weed, and weed. Some of the album's standouts are "Whateva Man" (My friend Luga's favorite), "Iz He 4 Real", "Yesh Yesh Ya'll", "It's Like That" with K-Solo, and the laughs "Soopaman Luva 3." CONS: I almost O.D.'d on slow funk beats. Also, there are only 20 tracks but 23 are listed, which means some skits are included on the same track as the songs,which fucks shit up when you try to find your favorite song. He did the same shit on his last album. "Come closa, while I'll lock it down like I'm supposed ta/ You battle me, you won, you mighta, but you woke up." The Funk Doctor Spock is definitely "On Fire (track 9?)" and hotter than Stacey Sanches when she sees Steve. Just by listening to this album recently, I think his lyrical flow may be the best their is. Nobody can rhyme like the Funk Doctor.

If you're wondering why there are no wack ass albums reviewed on my pageit's because Steve Dogg only purchases plantinum hits!

RECOMMENDATIONS:Check out the "Music Makes Me High" Remix by the Lost Boyz(aka LB Fam) with The Dogg Pound (aka DPG) and Canibus (aka the Bugdealer).Steve (aka L.O.D.) thinks this is a dope as track and he was once againripped off because he bought the remix 1