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A "Notable Quotable" will soon be up--it's a dope-ass set of lyrics that IsSteve's Current Playlist of Dope Songs
  1. "Notorious Thugs"--Biggie f/ B.O.N.E.
  2. "Decisions, Decisions"--Goodie Mobb (off Muggs Presents...The Soul Assassins)
  3. "Don't Leave Me"--Blackstreet
  4. "Head Over Heels"--Allure f/ Nas
  5. "Touch Myself (Remix)"--Richie Rich f/ T-Boz
  6. "Toss It Up"--Makaveli w/ Jodeci
  7. "Hit 'Em Up"--2Pac f/ The Outlawz
  8. "Yeah"--Keith Murray f/ E. Sermon, Busta, Jamal, and Redman
  9. "Hell On Earth"--Mobb Deep
  10. "The Time Has Come"--Muggs (intro to Soul Assassins Chapter 1)

Album Reviews (on a scale of 1 to 5)
Note: Standout tracks are listed in order of my preference. Also, the reason I decide to review All Eyez is that I wanted to compare the two albums from two hip-hop legends.



Life After Death
A very damn good album, although, unlike The Source , I do not think it qualifies as a "hip-hop classic." I just picked this double CD up, so I have only listened to it in its entirety once. It has many dope tracks, and some that seem like filler for this double-length LP. The subject matter is classic Biggie, and his lyrical flow is dope, especially when he moves to a B.O.N.E.-type flow on "Notorious Thugs." Unfortunately Biggie does try to sing (yes, sing) on a few songs, so be forewarned. I do recommend picking it up, if you haven't already, it's a piece of history (unfortunately). Standout tracks: "Notorious Thugs" f/ B.O.N.E., "Going Back to Cali", "Hypnotize", "Mo Money Mo Problems f/ Puff and Mase, "Somebody's Gotta Die", "#!*@ You Tonight" f/ R. Kelly, & "Last Day" f/ The Lox


All Eyez on Me!
(R.I.P.?...yeah, I've finally accepted it.)

Yes folks, a classic! His best LP? No--that would have to be "Me Against the World." The only thing about this album that disappointed me, was the subject matter. 'Pac tries to flaunt his riches, hoez, & status, also showing a shitload of anger. No doubt, though, the beats are tight and the lyrical flow is even better, especially with the huge array of all-star talent guest starring. We got Snoop, Dre, DPG, Meth, Redman, Richie Rich, E-40, Rappin' 4-Tay, Big Syke, The Outlawz, with Jodeci, Nate Dogg, and Danny Boy providing some guest vocals. Standout tracks: "Picture Me Rollin', "All Eyez on Me", " I Ain't Mad 'Cha","Ambitionz As a Ridah", "When We Ride", "I Got My Mind Made Up", "Ratha Be Ya N----", "What'z Ya Phone #", and the list goes on. It's the shit!


Muggs Presents...The Soul Assassins

This shit is dope! Muggs models his production to all the artists assisting him on his album. This is how a DJ's album should be. The production is tighter than my butt cheeks and the lyrics are too, when delivered by Dre & B-Real, Goodie Mob, RZA & GZA, Mobb Deep, KRS-One, and MC Eiht. Each of the beats fits the lyricists to a 'T'. DJ Honda hails in comparison to this badboy. Standout tracks: "Decisions, Decisions"--Goodie Mob, "Third World"--RZA & GZA, "Puppet Master"--Dre & the guy who's poppin' Carmen Electra (B-Real FYI), "Battle of 2001"--'The Hill', and "It Could Happen to You"--Mobb Deep.


Blahzay Blahzay
Blah, Blah, Blah
(I just picked this shit up used, so don't think I haven't updated this page in a while.)"Blah, blah, blah..." does describe it well. I expected more after hearing "Danger", their dope first single, and "Pain I Feel." This album is still worthy of a listen. Would I buy it new? No. Am I glad I bought it used? Yes (since I can get my cash back if I want to). Good production from P.F. Cuttin' and good lyrics from Outloud. I still have to give it a few more listens, but this is my initial reaction to it. Standout tracks: "Pain I Feel", "Danger", and "Jackpot."


More album reviews are coming soon (as soon as I get some cash to buy some CD's.)! So keep checking back. I'll soon have a link too ALL the upcoming releases. Peace.

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