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Welcome to my page. First of all this page is under some serious construction and theres hardly anything here at the moment. Please bear with me as this page will eventualy contain the nets only guide to the Nottingham rock scene, Info about Livewire promotions who will be running Rock/Alternative nights all over the Midlands Plus Links to some of the best BRITISH websites I can Find (don't you get pissed off with all those yank sites ?)

This will also be a welcome refuge to any Notts County Fans who like me are pissed off with Nottinghams bias towards a certain relagation haunted team that does'nt even play in Nottingham I'm talking of course about the dreaded F-word (if you don't know it doesnt matter) So please check back It will get interesting soon and remember always shit on the red side of the trent!!!!!!!!!!! And always remember the f-word stands for... Fear Of Relegation Every Saturday Teatime


dark_bullet Collection of photos showing Notts County beating the scum (F@#$*T)

dark_bullet Address of my former employers (contains the worlds funniest message board)

dark_bullet Seven Little Sisters (Possibly Nottm's best band)

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Drop me a line (except F*@#$T fans)

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