These are the sites I have seen that are OK for what I like - guitars. EBay is really the only good place, though.

EBay's Auctions
Yahoo's Auctions
Guitar Auction
Boxlot Auction
Digibid's Auction

Here is a list of the things I currently have bids on

Current Things I'm Interested In:
A Crate GX-120 amp. I have a GFX-100, but it cost a lot more than the $70 that this one is going for.
A Les Paul-style guitar with a cool black color and a low price
Compaq 19 Inch - Seems Pretty Nice
Similar Compaq 19 Inch
Optiquest 19 Inch
Compaq 17 inch
Dell 17Inch
Philips Magnavox 17 inch New Auction 7 New Auction 8 New Auction 9 New Auction 10 New Auction 11 1