Basketball is somewhat of a new sport to me.  I didn't enjoy playing it until recently and now it is my favorite sport to play.  I also started following the NBA only recently.  So my knowledge of basketball is limited, but I enjoy it just the same.

The Milwaukee Bucks
I have only followed the Bucks for three seasons and that includes the current one.  A few of the best players in the NBA have played for the Bucks at one point in their career, however the team survives now due to their entire team, supported by a deep bench.  Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson, and Terrell Brandon are all All Star caliber players, but the strength of the Bucks includes Tyrone Hill, Ervin Johnson, Vinny Del Negro, and Dell Curry.
Their full '99 roster:

Vin Baker
Baker is an All Star forward who currently plays for the Seattle Supersonics.  He played college basketball in Connecticut at the University of Hartford.  Played four solid seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks where he emerged as a solid 20-10 player (20 points, 10 rebounds a game).  He loves to dunk, especially with the alley-oop, making him an exciting player to watch on the court.  Despite what many thought he performed well with Seattle, replacing Shawn Kemp and got along well with Gary Payton.

My NBA All Star Team
With the '99 season just under way, I will put together a lineup based on the '98 season:

                                West                            East
Guard            Gary Payton                       Michael Jordan
                     Mitch Richmond                 Rod Strickland
                     Eddie Jones                        Tim Hardaway
                     Stephon Marbury                Steve Smith
Forward        Vin Baker                           Glen Rice
                     Tim Duncan                       Chris Webber
                    Karl Malone                        Antoine Walker
                    Tom Gugliotta                      Grant Hill
Center          Shaquille O'Neal                   Alonzo Mourning
                    David Robinson                    Dikembe Mutombo 1