Football is my favorite sport to watch.  Following the NFL season on TV or watching games in person are great.  The '98 season just closed out with the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl ending recently, so there is a while until next season.

The Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys have been my favorite NFL team for a long time - probably 12 or so years.  I liked the team before I moved to Texas, but it is more convenient now that I live in Texas as every game is televised.  The Cowboys have performed about as opposite my favorite baseball team (NY Mets) as possible in the time frame I have followed.  The Cowboys were among the worst in the NFL toward the end of the 80's, but turned everything around very rapidly, winning three Super Bowls in the four year span of 1992 to 1995.  My father actually purchased season's tickets for the 1989 season, which was great.  I watched the Cowboys play (and lose) three times that year.  It turned out to be their last season under Tom Landry (no relation).  Watching Cowboys games is almost a family event with us, especially in the playoffs.  I do everything I can to make sure I don't miss a game.
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Offensive Line
Defensive Line & Linebackers
Devensive Secondary

Emmitt Smith
When I saw all of the records Emmitt Smith set at the University of Florida flash in front of the TV screen during his last collegiate game, I was amazed.  I didn't really know many college players when the NFL draft usually went on, but when the Cowboys chose Emmitt Smith in the 1990 draft, I was thrilled that I knew who he was.  His career in the NFL has been nothing short of phenominal, surpassing the 1000 yard mark in each season except for his rookie year (missed by 63).  He is on a great pace to crack into the list of the top career runners of all time with his 12,566 yards in 9 seasons.  Many thought he was slowing down until his 1300 yards in 1998 propelled the Cowboys into the playoffs.  Smith holds the single season record for rushing touchdowns with 25 in 1995.  It is only a matter of time (some time next season) before he will hold the career record for touchdowns.

My All Pro Team (sort of)
I would like to say that I know enough about football to accurately evaluate all of the NFL players, but that just wouldn't be true.  I don't pay enough attention to the lineman.  So here is my adapted All Pro Team

                                             NFC                                AFC
Quarterback                  Steve Young                        Vinny Testaverde
                                     Randall Cunningham            Doug Flutie
Running Back                Jamal Anderson                   Terrell Davis
                                    Garrison Hearst                    Fred Taylor
                                    Emmitt Smith                        Marshall Faulk
Full Back                      Mike Alstott                         Kimble Anders
Wide Receiver              Antonio Freeman                  Eric Moulds
                                    Randy Moss                         Jimmy Smith
                                    Terrell Owens                      Keyshawn Johnson
Tight End                      Cameron Cleeland                Shannon Sharpe
Defensive Line              Reggie White                       Bruce Smith
                                     Michael Strahan                   Michael Sinclair
                                     Kevin Greene                       Jason Taylor
                                     John Randle                         Michael McCrary
                                     Chris Doleman                     Trevor Pryce
Linebacker                    Derrick Brooks                    Ray Lewis
                                     Ed McDaniel                       Chad Brown
                                     Michael Barrow                   Zach Thomas
                                     Ken Norton Jr.                    John Mobley
Secondary                      Deion Sanders                    Shawn Springs
                                     Ray Buchanan                     Ty Law
                                     Merton Hanks                      Aaron Glenn
                                     Darren Woodson                  Rod Woodson