Vanessa's Friends

Caution: You have just entered my chatters hall. Get down and get funky!

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My gosh! They're dropping like flies!!!

Where you can find me and some friends:
You can chat with me at curry or at hideaway .
Hell, why not check out the Haven Home Page.

Here are some of my chat buddies pages: (hey, take a look, there are pictures!)
An old school buddy of mine Maria Smith
Curiosity and the Cat

Woo woo ViVi!!!!
Sean's Page
Monty's Page of Rage
Johnny 5 is Alive!!!

Well ... nevermind!

Wow! Male dominated isn't it!?!

Gotta give props to this girlie who really was my inspiration for my page. Check out Angi's Place: Cat Paradise and the Stuff Tornado

And one of her buddies that has some cool FISHIES! .... Question Everything at Kevin's Place

Do you like cows? Do you like Baja? Then check out Wornout's Home Page! Also, WebDeb's Home Page!
What else do I do?

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HEY! Let me know if any of these links aren't werkin' anymore. I can always use the help.

will this ever end? last twiddled 4/12/2000