Bangles Chat Every Saturday and Sunday at 4.00 pm Central Europe / 10.00 am U.S. Central 3.00 pm UK. Room will be closed at all other times. If you want to chat go to this URL: Info on the bands michael steele Michael (bass and vocals)had played in many bands prior to completing the Bangles line up, including the Runaways. She was the lead vocalist and bassist for a brief period. She sings lead on the album 'Born To Be Bad'. Since leaving the Bangles, Michael has played with Eyesore, and is currently reported to be working on a solo project. susanna hoffs Susanna (Rythym guitar and vocals)Starred in the 1987 film 'The Allnighter', which was directed by her Mother, Tamar Hoffs. Susanna recorded her first solo album shortly after the breakup of the Bangles. This was followed by another album, which remnains unreleased, although some reworked tracks can be found on her 1996 self titled album. debbi peterson Debbi Drums and vocals, once appeared in a commercial for 'Slice', a soft drink. Gina Schock from the GoGos also appeared in this commercial. (around late 1985 ?)Around 1992 she recorded the first Kindred Spirit single, and has since recorded a further single and album, with Siobhan Maher of the River City People. vicki peterson Vicki lead guitar and vocals, played guitar on a Tonight Show appearance by Belinda Carlisle (song :'Lay Down Your Arms'.)She also replaces Charlotte Caffey on the GoGos reunion tour in 1995. Vicki is now in the Continental Drifters, and has recorded two albums, and a single (As of 1998). Other Bangles facts....... There is a book entitled 'The Bangles' by Peter Hogan - lots of great pictures and info. No longer in print, but was published in 1989. There are song books for the Everything and Different Light albums available. The Everything Everywhere tour guide is another great item to look out for. If you haven't already heard about the fanzines; Banglemania, and Hoffmania, then take a look at the information at the end of the page. The Bangles once appeared in a short film dorected by Susanna's mother entitled 'The Haircut', which was part of a film festival. The Bangles once hosted 'Guest VJ Hour' on MTV. The Bangles appeared on 'The Cutting Edge' twice once in the early days of the band, and once hosting the show. (around 1985) The Bangles have all provided backing vocals for a number of artists over the years, the last known song being, 'Waiting For Tonight' by Tom Petty, which was recorded shortly before the breakup of the band.