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V/A - Respect Due Brick Records

This 7" compilation features songs from Intent To Injure, Time's Expired, Lockdown, and Temperance. This 7" brings many different sounds together. Intent To Injure's cover of Black Flag's Depression is reason enough to go out and buy this. Times Expired plays a rapcore song. If you like that sort of stuff, you'll enjoy their song. Lockdown comes across with an extremely heavy sound. This is the second best cut on this compilation. Although, I prefer their demo, which was much more upbeat. Finally, Temperance brings one of their best cuts they have done yet to this here record. This is emo. If you like that style of music, you will love Temperance. $3.50 ppd. to Brick Records/P.O. Box 364/Flagstaff, AZ/86002-0364 - Money order made out to Josh Gagne, or send well concealed cash.

Gringo/The Fall River Overdrive split 7" Roachender Records

Gringo brings three cuts to their side of the 7", while The Fall River Overdrive brings two. Gringo blasts out their own blend of drunk/punk/humor. Standout song is "If humor doesn't work... violence is the answer". The Fall River Overdrive brings their blend of noisy chaotic punk, with really distorted vocals to the table. This guy sounds like he should be singing for a crust band. Overall, the Gringo side was the better of the two. If you have an extra $3.00, it's worth buying. Available from: Roachender Records/91 Simmons Street #2/Providence, RI/02909.

Words of Truth - demo

Words of Truth may be Providence, RI's most hated band. Basically, they have been blacklisted from every club. That subject is covered on "Blackballed". This is one of my favorite bands. The 8 song demo is straight up hardcore, with 2 metal songs thrown in. However, in recent days they have become more of an Oi band. This is a real good demo, but nothing compares to seeing them live. The best cuts on the demo are "Spitting Image", dealing with all the clones in the Providence scene, and "Blackballed". Be sure to check this out. You'll enjoy it. Available for $3.00 ppd(well hidden cash): Words of Truth/c/o Ryan Snow/4 Wolfenden Street/Attleboro, MA 02703.

Words of Truth - 13

Words of Truth follows up their first release with an even more enjoyable listening release. I can't get enough of this one. "Drink Til You Fall" is the stand out song on this one, and they even do a GG Allin cover. Check it out now. $3.00 ppd to the address above.
Shitfit U.S. - demo

Shitfit U.S. is my band, so I'm really going to tell you how cool we are and all that shit. Straight out of the bowels of New Bedford, MA, these assholes play early 80's type shit. The music is good, but they're a bunch of beer drinking(except for the singer), load mouth, dickheads. There is 20 songs on this tape(25 minutes of music). Some really good music here, but they're all a bunch of assholes. It is not available at this time, but hey send e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

Convulsion Sickness - demo

Convulsion Sickness is a death metal band out of our wonderful city of New Bedford, MA. The music on this one can be said to embody the feeling of living here. Five raging tracks on this here one of brutal death. Better than most bands of the genre. The title track has to be the best song on here. If you want a copy send a few bucks to them at: Convulsion Sickness/3 Main Street Apt. 6/Acushnet, MA 02743. Get a copy before they're gone.

Runt of the Litter Volume 3 - Fan Attic Records

39 Bands of punk fucking rock. This CD comp showcases the "unknown" bands from New England. Stand out tracks on this one are from The Dislexics, Poor and Neglected which kind of remind me of Negative Approach during their Tied Down days, Average Suburbanites, :30 Seconds Over Tokyo, The Doosh Bags, and Zippo Raid. Get yourself a copy a.s.a.p. Available from Fan Attic Records P.O. Box 391494, Cambridge, MA 02139-0015. $10.00 ppd. M.O. made out to Ron Lacer.

Zippo Raid "Live At The Rat"

Man I really dig this shit. I find it so hard to like new bands these days. Damn, what a good sound for live shit taped from the board at the Rat. I like this shit so much, look out for these guys on the upcoming Hato Records compilation. The singer of this band, Joe, was cool enough to help us out at our last show. Favorite cut has definitely got be their cover of "Angel of the Morning". By this if you can find it or send $5.00 to Zippo Raid, P.O. Box 341, Malden, MA 02148 if you'd like a copy.

V/A - Fear No Evil Last Word Records

This has to be the greatest compilation in the history of music, because Philip was good enough to put my band on it. Seriously, a good release with various styles of hardcore. On the compilation are Concrete, Neck, With One Intent, Shitfit U.S., Cipher, Dissent, Faction Zero, Disdain, and Endure. Stand out cuts are from Faction Zero, who play late 80's style NYC hardcore(good stuff), and the excellent rapcore(yeah, I know I have said many times I hate rapcore, but this is the best I have ever heard from the genre) group Cipher. The singer sounds like he could be in Onyx and Fu Schnickens. Buy the fucking thing!!! The CD is $10.00 ppd worldwide. Cash or money orders(no checks) made payable to Philip Strnad. Last Word Records/ 401 Van Buren Street/ Box 681/ Syracuse, NY 13210 USA

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