Let me Dream are a finish band that have a peculiar style in their music. A combination of melodic slow black metal, with operatic voices and black metal vocals. I would classify them as doom black metal, with lotsa melody. They have many demos that I have not heard of all of what I say is based on listening to 'My Dear Succubus' their most known CD released on Adipocere Records.

Jani Koskela - Guitars/Vocals
Marko Tuominen - Bass/Vocals
Jari Koskela - Keyboards
Janne Peltoranta - Drums/Vocals

My Dear Succubus 1994

Released in 1994 it contains songs written in 92-94. The album itself is very interesting all songs have something in particular.

1)Centuries of Longing
2)Throne of Dominating Force
3)The Sight
4)Burnt into my mind
5)Once in these Misty Fields/When the Sun rises in the South
6)Thousand Decades Ago...
7)Bed of Ancient River
8)In Agony of my Soul
9)A clear line of Sanity
10)When I Ride to Beyond
11)My Dear Succubus
12)Outro:A Cold Wind Blues

It starts of with a song that gives of an insight of what Let me Dream when slow paced, it is very orchestral. The voice is deep and the guitar plays along with the keyboards. The next two tracks shows LMD's musical skills in different styles. Track 9 is probably the best, it has middle paced music along with acoutic guitars. It starts slow, a short acoutic guitarwork, and finally ends with their best riffs, more like this would be excellent. Track 11 is another remiscent of LMD style, but much better than any. Their doom is very particular, it is not boring or monotonous, a gothic style which could save the scene of black metal.

Rating: 80
listen to a minute of "My Dear Succubus"
listen to a minute of "A Clear line of Sanity"

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