The 2PAC Makaveli Conspiracy Theory

By Chris Reid

On September 7 ,1996, Tupac Amaru Shakur was shot twice in the chest and put in critical condition. He was in a car with Suge Knight. On Friday, September 13, Tupac died. These are some examples of evidence that proves that Tupac is actually alive, and active in the Rap Music industry.

Exhibit 1: Date of Death
Tupac died on Friday the 13th. Weird by itself, but especially cool for 2PAC.
Exhibit 2: Single One:
The week (day) he died, the songs “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” and “Life Goes On” were released. “Life Goes On” talks about death, and specifically what he wants at his funeral.
Exhibit 3: Single Two:
“I Ain’t Mad At Cha” talks about forgiving a friend who was present when 2PAC was shot and killed. It also talks about gettin into Heaven. Think of the guy in the video as Suge Knight. The almost exact thing happened on September 7, 1996, except that 2PAC died several days after being shot in real life.
Exhibit 4: The Deathrow Internet Homepage
The Deathrow Homepage on the Internet has a list of people who welcome you to the WWW site. Among Snoop, Daze, Nate Dogg, Hammer, an a whole mess of rappers, they also say 2PAC (Makaveli).
Exhibit 5: The Don Killuminati
The true title of the Makaveli album is this: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. I haven’t figured out the word meaning of Don Killuminati yet, but I think it has to do with death. The 7 Day Theory is weirder. 2PAC was shot on Sept. 7, he supposedly died on the 13th. If you count the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th, you get SEVEN DAYS! Could this be the Kiluminati Style, 7 Day Theory?
Exhibit 6: WAR TIME!
Look on the right inside cover of the album booklet. It says: EXIT - 2PAC ENTER - MAKAVELI under the words WAR TIME. This could be interpreted not as the changing of his name, but the fake-death of 2PAC, and the emergence of the rapper Makaveli!
Exhibit 7: Resurrected
Another Listen Closely thing: listen to track 5, “Blasphemy”. At time 2:38, 2PAC clearly (more clearly than other lines) says, “Brothaz getting shot coming back ressurected.” Another clue?
Exhibit 8: Publicity Stunt
After 2PAC was shot, All Eyez On Me went from 64th best selling album to 19th. After 2PAC died, it went to Number One. And this was ove 9 months after the album’s release.
Exhibit 9: Sales
This ties in with Exhibit 11. I’m sure 2PAC’s death will get more people to buy the Makaveli album. Deathrow must think so too, because they moved Snoop’s “The Dogg Father” to November 12. It has been planned to be released on November 5 for several months. Moving it a week later doesn’t seem like much, but they must have done this to leave open The Don Killuminati.
Exhibit 10: The Actual Album
Deathrow and MTV are trying to tell us that The Don Killuminati are just a bunch of unreleased tracks he never produced. Why then, does he have an Intro, and a complete Album theme (makaveli, etc). The CD doesn’t look like a bunch of random songs. They go together, and relate to the alias Makaveli. This is not a bunch of unreleased songs, but an actual full size Album. Tweleve tracks seems like not much, but several other of his CD’s only have 13 or 14 songs. And the album is almost an hour long.
And how have we not heard about it until after he died? We’ve known about the Bone and Snoop albums for a long time. Weird, a complete album we know nothing about until after he dies, and Deathrow tries to pass it off as a bunch of unreleased tracks.
Exhibit 11: The Burial
Listen to All Eyez On Me. He talks about is being buried a lot. But what happened in real life? They cremated him soon after he died. And nobody’s seen the ashes. For that matter, I can’t find anywho who will say they saw Tupac’s dead body.
Exhibit 12: Vibe Magazine Poem
A month before he died, 2PAC submitted a poem to Vibe Magazine. He said it should be released to his friends and family after he died. The Poem: "When my heart can beat no more I hope I die for a principle or a belief that I have lived for I will die before my time because I already feel the shadow's depth So much I wanted to accomplish before I reached my death I have come to grips with the possibility and wiped the last tear from my eyes I loved all who were positive in the event of my demise."
Exhibit 13: Look at the Cover
On the Cover of the Makaveli album, he’s on the cross like Christ, who came back from the dead.
Exhibit 14: The Company, The Producer
Makaveli Records? Makaveli records is produced by “Simon.” He was some religous friend of Christ who helped him come back or whatever. What if it was actualyl Suge Knight? Suge acting like Simon if 2PAC were Christ (see Makaveli cover).
Exhibit 15: Lack Of Memorial
I’ve already said that this is not a bunch of random tracks like MTV and Deathrow are saying, but why isn’t there even a memorial in the album? Nowhere in the entire album do they mention 2PAC or Tupac Shakur. I would have at least expected 1971-1996 Tupac Amaru Shakur R.I.P.
Exhibit 16: Deathrow’s Archives
Deathrow and Interscope now say they could have dozens of unreleased 2PAC tracks and even a few unreleased videos. So now, they could keep coming out with new 2PAC music for a couple years. Now who stockpiles an artist’s music two years in advance? Maybe they don’t have all they say and actually have someone to make the new music as time goes by...
Exhibit 17: Thuglife
When all his other CD’s came out, he was in jail, in trouble, in court or other things. Now, he has no court date, no lawyers or judges to talk to. He doesn’t have anything out there to live up to his Thug Life image. Dying would be a way to keep his Thug side alive without getting in jail. That’s apparently what he wanted. If “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” was his last song, then he would have been remembered as more of an Angelic figure. Now with the Makaveli and other music out there, he might be remember for the other 2PAC.
Exhibit 18: Nicolo Machiavelli
The real Machiavelli did not fake his own death. That was a rumor. In real life, Machiavelli advocated faking your death to fool your enemies. Tupac admired his lifestyle and possibly listened to his advice...
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