Agnetha's Post ABBA Years
After the breakup of ABBA in 1982, each of the members went their own separate ways. Björn and Benny wrote the blockbusting rock opera Chess in collaboration with Tim Rice, and Anni-Frid went on to do a few solo albums in the 80's, and recently in the 90's.
Importantly, in 1982, Agnetha starred in her first movie (not including ABBA The Movie) entitled
Raskenstam. It was about a Swedish casanova from the 1940's who was engaged to numerous women simeltaneously. Agnetha played the role of Lisa - the woman whom the casanova really loved. This was a fun experience for Agnetha as she had always loved to act as well as sing and dance.
Also, in 1983, Agnetha released her first English album called
Wrap Your Arms Around Me. It was a big success in Scandinavia reaching poll position on the Swedish charts. It was produced by the Australian Mike Chapman who has also produced other artists including Smokie and Blondie.
Agnetha with Gunnar Hellström in a scene from Raskenstam.
Agnetha's solo career would probably have been more fruitful if she didn't have a fear of flying. In order to promote her albums, Agnetha wouldn't fly, so instead, she spent her time in coaches and anything that stayed firmly on the ground. But even then, it wasn't totally reliable. In 1983 whilst on a journey, Agnetha was making her way to the front of the coach when she found herself being thrown through the front windscreen as it careered off the road. She wasn't badly hurt, her only real injury was a neck strain, but still, the media did what they do best and made up appauling rumours. They said that she had experienced a miscarriage. This was almost funny considering Agnetha was unmarried and had been for almost five years, whether or not she was having a steady relationship with anyone was beside the point because she certainly wasn't pregnant.

Anyway, after "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" Agnetha waited until 1985 when she released her next album: "Eyes Of A Woman". It reached number two on the charts and was a great treat for her fans. This time, Eric Stewart from 10cc produced her album.

After the reasonable success of "Eyes Of a Woman", Agnetha went about her business with interviews and promotions for her next album in 1987. It was called "I Stand Alone" and arguably the best solo effort by Agnetha.
It was produced by Peter Cetera...the lead singer of Chicago and despite his shrieky voice, the duet he does with Agnetha is one of the strong tracks.
The album reached number one on Svensktoppar, and was the last musical efffort for a long time.....