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Howdy! :o) I'm Stephanie (Stef on IRC) a 26 year old southern belle from Georgia. I'm also a Christian and Jesus Christ is the first love of my life!

At the moment I am an Independant Beauty Consultant and work at Bellsouth and love it! Prior to this job, I worked at Chick-fil-a. I left there with 4 and a half years of service. I had worked my way up as a Shift Manager, so now I'm back at the bottom of the totem pole at Bellsouth and plan to work my way up. In my spare time I enjoy travel. So far I have visited England, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and most recently, Hawaii. I try to pick a far away spot once a year to spend two weeks at. Welp, this lets you know a little about me personally and I try my best to keep it updated (once a year at the most). I have a hidden pic of me on here from when I was about 5 years old... see if you can find it *grin*. As you browse around be sure to sign my guest book and drop me an e-mail! :o)

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Here's some pics of about 13 people I met around Thanksgiving of '98 in Bowling Green, KY from the #Christian_Singles channel on Dalnet
My pictures during my Senior year (Class of '97)
My pictures during my visit to Chick-fil-A's Corporate Office! December of '97
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