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Grey Eye Glances is a band from the Philadelphia area that has been playing clubs and bookstores locally for the past five years. Lead vocalist, Jennifer Nobel, delivers haunting lyrics on such tracks as Snow, Chills, and Hard (from their 1997 LP, Eventide). The band also performs some sophisticated mid-tempo rockers, such as Close Of The Day (hidden track on album, Painted Pictures) and Something To Live For (also from Eventide), that have some interesting hooks. The band can be seen on occasion performing at the Iota Club in Arlington, Ram's Head Inn in Annapolis, and even at Border's Books at White Flint Mall.

When British band James played the 1994 WHFS Festival, lead singer, Tim Booth, sang with a cast on his neck and through a bullhorn (due to whiplash from a recent car accident). This band outshined the headliners (that is, Violent Femmes and Cracker) that day, and unfortunately, remain one of the best English bands that have yet to break into the US market. They have numerous albums, but the best two are Laid (released in late 1993) and Whiplash (released in 1997, go figure on the name). Some of their best tracks include Sometimes (#18 UK, Sept. 1993), One Of The Three, and Laid (#25 UK, Sept. 1993, #64 US) (all from the album Laid), and Waltzing Along from Whiplash. Popular with the Brits are the singles, Sit Down (#2 UK, March 1991) and Born Of Frustration (#13 UK, Jan. 1992).

Springbok Nude Girls is an Afrikaner rock band that is popular in South Africa but has not yet crossed the Atlantic. Their EP, Omnisofa showcases their multiple stylings. Best track is Blue Eyes.

Texas, fronted by Sharleen Spiteri (seen above), is one of the hottest bands out of Scotland. They have a new album out called Hush and their last album, White On Blonde features four hit singles: Say What You Want (#3 UK, Jan. 1997), Halo (#10 UK, April 1997), Black Eyed Boy (#5 UK, Aug. 1997), and Put Your Arms Around Me (#10 UK, Nov. 1997), and two album tracks--Drawing Crazy Patterns and White On Blonde--which easily could have been hits had they been released as singles.

Tube Dog, a local favorite, is Greg Thompson, drums/vox, and Stephen Jones, guitar/vox. Tube Dog played to large crowds at NovemberFest, Saturday, November 9, 1996, and Paul's and Tom's Lawn Party, Saturday, May 24, 1997 (both at the Rental House). In 1998, the band disappeared from the club scene, but fortunately returned in 1999 with a new lineup and some new songs. Their 1995 EP, While You Wait, is a must have. Songs like Better Days have a raw sound and hard edge that are refreshing to hear in this era of bubblegum pop and hiphop. Old Tube Dog site

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