1999 Party Log

The End of an Era

Paul's "It has been decided for me that I need to have another" Party...Saturday, March 27, 1999:

Natasha and Michael's Wedding...Saturday, June 5, 1999: "Finally..." some whispered as the beautiful bride walked down the aisle. Married at Holy Cross Church, Natasha and Michael were the last of the old Happy Hour Group to tie the knot. Three cheers to the happy couple. The reception was kicked off with an open bar at the Rose Garden Terrace at Holiday Inn of Chevy Chase. The guests adjourned to the main ballroom for dinner and dancing. Wedding reception highlights included bubbles, "The Year of Ricky Martin" on the dance floor, the bouquet and garter tosses, and lots of good luck. Click here for the complete wedding album.

Summer Solstice at Lisa's DC Rooftop...Saturday, June 26, 1999:

4th of July at Greg and Dave's Place...Sunday, June 4, 1999: What's more American than bbq action a 4 p.m. and Tube Dog at 5:30 p.m.? Answer: A Tom Carstensen chaperoned party, meaning the best beer this side of Idaho. Tube Dog's new line up included Steve on guitar/vox, Greg on drums/vox, Jason on guitar/electric violin, and Lynne on bass. The basement rocked with songs like "Sleep" and "Apology." This 4th had plenty a bang for a "Say No To Fireworks" celebration.

Holly and Tom's Luau...Saturday, July 24, 1999:

Lisa's 3rd Annual Rooftop B-day Bash...Wednesday, August 4, 1999:

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