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Like every class at the University of Maryland, the class of 1991 made the most of their senior year(s) and post-graduation/pre-first-real-job period. Three major activities defined the senior year more than any others: parties, bar hopping, and road trips to visit other campuses' drinking establishments. This page chronicles the best and worst of those times for those of us who were on the University of Maryland Sailing Team and members of the Maryland Sailing Association (MSA) that year.

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The Best and Worst Sailing Affiliated Parties

The First Harford Hall Party...Friday, September 15, 1990: This party was the first sailing affiliated party for the 1990-1991 school year. Hosted by Brian, Ebon, and Tom, the party had a diverse group of partygoers. For example, musical tastes ranged from hip hop to classic rock to Buffett. But all shared one common denominator--beer.

The Second Harford Hall Party...Friday, October 6, 1990: As the first MSA funded party for the year, the Sailing Team and MSA members outnumbered landlubbers two to one at it. Between 11 pm and 1 am, the apartment was filled to maximum capacity forcing people to congregate in the adjoining stairwell and out in front. Estimates ran as high as 80 to 100 people for the night. The party earned Brian, Ebon, and Tom much praise from their colleagues and Campus Housing probation.

MSA Halloween Party...Saturday, October 28, 1990: One of the Sailing Team's oldest members, Eric, hosted MSA's Halloween Party. High turnout and an even girl/guy ratio graced this party. The highlight of the party was an incredible tale that was told again and again..."Watch Out For The Wall!"

The Delaware/Maryland Coed Party at Kevin's...Friday, November 9, 1990: What almost turned out to be a complete bust--15 guys and two women--was salvaged at the last minute when Ebon arrived with 12 beautiful coeds from the University of Delaware. The influx gave the party new life and encouraged Kevin to seek MSA funding for his next Washington Hall gathering.

Sailing Season Closer Party...Friday, November 30, 1990: Unlike Kevin's first attempt, this party did not need Ebon's help. This time, turnout was domestic, and the beer imported. Brian bested all in drinking endurance by doing an eight shot upside down Captain Morgan's spiced rum bong. This party earned Kevin Campus Housing probation stature and marked the official close of the fall sailing season.

The Party That Got Eric Evicted...Saturday, February 2, 1991: It was bound to happen. Someone had to graduate past Campus Housing probation. Eric's party endeavors caught up with him in his final semester at Maryland. With over 50 people hanging around making noise well past 4 in the morning, Eric found himself facing Campus Police for the second time that evening. We all knew an eviction party was soon to follow.

The Eviction Party...Saturday, February 9, 1991: This party still remains a blur to many of those who attended it. When Eric through this party, he had no intention of trying to get his security deposit back from Berkley Apartments management.

The Roving Party...Friday, February, 15, 1991: A new semester marked the end of Kevin's probation period. To celebrate, Kevin through a party. Now living in 2102 Charles Hall, a luxury two level apartment, Kevin through the best party of his college career only to have the fire alarm go off. Rumor has it that Kevin panicked and pulled the alarm himself because the party crowd was too large and rowdy. With fire engines on their way, partygoers emptied out of Kevin's townhouse multi-fisted. Fortunately, accomodations were made at Harford Hall for the displaced partygoers. Brian, Ebon, and Tom's next door neighbors were also throwing a party, so the two parties became one.

The Third Harford Hall Gala...Friday, March 8, 1991: With their probation period over, Brian, Ebon, and Tom, kicked off the spring sailing season with their third and final senior year party. Chandeliers and threeman tables adorned the common area. People danced, people drank, and no one got evicted.

Party at Brian's...Saturday, July 6, 1991

Ed's First Party...Saturday, September 7, 1991: In the fall 1991 semester, "the post-Tracy, post-Ann Marie" Ed had a much harder edge. His new apartment in South Hill's Montgomery Hall gave Ed the proper venue for his first party. The apartment had a perfect quarters table (compliments of the university), an excellent five channel output sound system in the main room, and a refrigerator well stocked with beer. Ed's philosophy of more is better certainly paid off. The apartment was packed with coeds for over five hours and had to be closed down by the campus police.

The Best and Worst Sailing Regattas and Excursions

"Watch Out For The Wall!"...Friday, October 27, 1990: The day before the MSA Halloween Party, the Sailing Team had try outs for its spring roster. The MSA fleet set sail in light to medium wind conditions that suddenly turned violent. With wind gusts up to 30 knots and white caps everywhere, one boat failed to return to the launch and disappeared--crew and all. Having ventured too close to the Naval Academy sea wall, it was hammered against the wall rapping its mast and rigging around the hull of the tiny boat. A water bound crew managed to secure the boat to the wall and scale the wall to safety. Meanwhile, a frantic search continued for the missing boat in the severe weather conditions as darkness set in. Though no other mishaps occurred the lost boat and its crew were found sometime later. Amazingly, only the mast needed to be replaced for about $800. Many grieved for the $800 hit to the beer fund. Remember, watch out for the wall and if you encounter it, drop them sails.Go to MSA Halloween Party.

The Mellow Cruise...November 3-4, 1990

University City Invite...May 4-5, 1991: The third regatta the Sailing Team attended during the spring semester was hosted by the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University on the Delaware River. Six MAISA colleges participated in the regatta, each fielding two teams. Tom and RJ sailed first team, and Nick and Dena sailed second team. Kevin and Tim came as alternates. We sailed JY15s (new at the time) on modified triangle and modified Olympic courses. Roll tacks were harder to do in them than in 420s and FJs. Sailing was hard and fast the first day, and we finished in third place for the day.

As guests of the Drexel University Sailing Team, our two teams partied together Saturday night. Greg, Drexel's team captain, knew of a house party near campus, so we crashed it. We were all hit with a buck cover charge which went towards a liter bottle of Absolute that was being raffled off. We all agreed to do a shot should one of us win the bottle. Later that evening, Greg won the bottle and the shot glass was passed. To everyone's horror, Kevin spit up his shot. In an attempt not to lose face, Tom poured Kevin another shot and flavored it with teriyaki sauce. Kevin refused the shot though, remarking that no one would ever drink it. At that exact moment, a coed asked to get by us so she could get to the keg. Tom told her she had to do the shot to get to the keg, so she did. This led to the unearthing of a fifth of cognac and a bottle of creme de menthe by RJ. Kevin still had to do his shot. One part Absolute, one part cognac, and one part creme de menthe...and the "Irish Hammer" was born. Though Kevin never did the shot, everyone else at the party did. Give a shot a name and down a few yourself and soon everyone is doing it. Before long there was no Absolute, cognac, or creme de menthe left.

The next morning found only current. Current sailing can be mighty boring and rough, especially when hungover on "Irish Hammers." Drexel slipped from first to third in the ranking that day, and we fell to fourth.

Finger Lakes Invite...May 11-12, 1991: Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva, New York hosted the last MAISA qualifier for the spring. With finals that Monday, the Sailing Team had to look to the freshmen class. Five MAISA colleges participated in the regatta. Tom (senior captain) and Carissa (freshman crew) sailed first team, and Mike (freshman captain) and Kevin (senior crew) sailed second team. Tom and Carissa found victory and controversy. A jibe mark collision between Tom and Carissa's boat and the host's first team's boat led to protests being lodged by both sides. Meanwhile, Maryland's second team found themselves continually in fourth or last place. This in turn lead to Mike's ego being bruised when Kevin called him a paper sailor. Despite these set backs, Maryland was in second place at the close of the first day. That evening, the host team failed to provide entertainment, forcing the University of Pennsylvania, Webb Institute, and Maryland teams to frequent townee bars. By the second day, the regatta was in turmoil. Several teams had filed protests against each other in numerous races, and Hobart and William Smith College canceled the regatta by mid-day, hence disqualifying it as a MAISA event.

Kill Devil Hills Beach Excursion...May 26-June 2, 1991

The Old Dominion Trip...September 14-15, 1991: The fall 1991 sailing season opened with a regatta hosted by Old Dominion University on the Elizabeth River. Seven MAISA schools fielded teams. Tom and Dave sailed first team, and Nick and Kevin sailed second team, with several others coming as alternates.

Regatta in the Bronx (i.e., SUNY Maritime)...October 12-13, 1991: Better known as the freshmen regatta, Tom and Kevin took the two freshmen team members, Alex (a junior transfer) and Chris (a second year freshman), up to SUNY Maritime for coaching sessions and mock races in frigid waters. Quarters in the boathouse were sub-par, but New York proved to be a great party town. The trip's highlight was purshasing 20 round loaves of Italian bread at Moretti's Bakery on Ave. N in Brooklyn.

Top Four Bars in College Park

1. The Vous
2. The Cellar/Paragon
3. Santa Fe
4. Bentley's

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