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This is a collection of artwork with Björk as the subject. I found most of it around the internet, a few of the altered pictures I made myself. I've tried to give proper credit. Sometimes I forget where I got something or I find it on an FTP with very little information with it, so if anything is inaccurate please let me know.

By: Stig Bachmann Nielsen

From Spumco's "I Miss You" animated video.

Poke Pointy-Rubber-Nipples Bathing
Brains Rounded Ripping
From "Hyperballad" Single

From: Gideon's FTP

By: Thomas Stevens

I Believe These four are by Annette Boyden (That's the name that was on them when I found them).

By: Annette Boyden

These were done by Curt Grogan (that's me!)

This is from Hyper Tech's page.

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