This is an initial attempt at a biography. I plan on making it more detailed and easier to navigate in the future. Any suggestions or corrections are welcome!

Björk Guðmundsdottír was born to Hilda and Gudmundur in Reykjavik Iceland on November 21, 1965. Björk was raised in a hippie commune by her stepfather and Hilda. Björk’s stepfather played in a rock and roll band, often performing in the country. When Björk was about eight or nine she started going on stage and singing with her stepfather's band. She also attended music school for several years. At the age of 11 she recorded an album (Björk, 1977), she wrote one of the songs on the album the rest were popular songs. The album was very successful in Iceland. After her studio experience she wanted to be with people of her own age, so about a year after her album was made she joined her first bands (Spit and Snot, and Exodus). Through her teen years she was in several Icelandic punk bands such as Tappi Tikkarass (the translation of Tappi Tikkarass isn't pleasant) and Kukl. Björk released two albums with Tappi Tikkarass, and two with Kukl. In 1986 Björk and her husband (at the time) Thor Eldon (Sugarcubes guitarist) had a boy named Sindri. Also in 1986 Björk and the members of Kukl formed the Sugarcubes. The Sugarcubes initially released a single, followed by three studio albums and a remix album. The Sugarcubes split up in 1992. In 1993 Björk released Debut. And what an appropriate title it was! It was Björk’s debut to the world, and the world loved it. In 1994 Björk wrote the song Bedtime Story for Madonna. In 1995 she made Post, which was an even larger success than Debut. There have been numerous remixes of Björk’s songs from Debut and Post. Björk has received many nominations and awards for her solo works. In September of 1996 a crazed fanatic sent a bomb to Björk and then videotaped his own suicide. Fortunately, the bomb was intercepted by the authorities at the post office. In November of 1996 Telegram was released, it is primarily a remix album of the songs from Post.

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