"and if you complain once more you'll meet an army of me"..Björk Army of Me

Julie Kaufman is circled

Apparently Julie Kaufman didn't listen and complained once more. She certainly did meet an army of Björk!

Actually, Björk had earlier agreed to an interview with Kaufman. According to Kaufman, "...her (Björk's) security staff then said the interview was off as she (Björk) was in a bad mood". When Björk exited the Bangkok airport pushing Sindri on a luggage cart to board her bus Julie Kaufman confronted her with a TV camera. Björk then jumped on Julie Kaufman and gave her a massive thrashing! Our little Icelandic beauty flung Julie around like a ragdoll, got her down on the ground and pounded her! All I could really see was hair and arms! Björk can really kick some arse, it was probably the second best femme fight I've seen! I can hardly describe the incident, to show you what happened here's a Quicktime movie (~1.2 MB) that's at Gideon's FTP. The moral of the story is listen to Björk's lyrics and take her advise!

Björk later issued a public apology, and called Kaufman to apologize personally. Björk reportedly told Kaufman that she was feeling very stressed at the time of the incident. Björk later said, "I've never done anything like this before. I've never hit anybody in my life before. I've had a lot of problems." If you watch the Quicktime movie you'll see that Björk had her head down just before leaving the airport indicating that she wasn't feeling well. Another contributing factor may have been the fact that Björk was with Sindri who she has tried to keep out of the spotlight, and Kaufman confronted her while she was with Sindri.

Björk obviously regrets this incident. On the other had, I feel that Kaufman earned the beating retroactively. Kaufman later stated, "She must have so much anger in her. The strangest thing was that her child was there, and he witnessed the whole thing. It's so sad that the little child has to grow up with a powerful influence like his mother." I feel that Kaufman's attack on Björk's motherhood was underhanded and uncalled for.

Source: Paul Lester's Björk biography Björk: The Illustrated Story. If you are into Björk I would highly recomend picking it up. As the title suggests it's illustrated and has some great pictures. You can get it at any bookstore, they may have to order it for you.

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