Björk Links

Björk Links

Allright, my page doesn't have "everything". So I guess it's O.K. for you to go to other pages, but your leaving really hurts! These links aren't in any particular order.

This is the Björk Ring, it's a neat way to surf the Björk pages.
Click here for more info about the Bjoerk 

This is Björk's official site.

Astro-Olivier's Björkpage
This is the French fan club's page. This is one of my favorite sites! I get a lot of my new pictures from here. A must see!

Over The Edge
On-line Webzine about Björk.

Too Green Björk Page
This is a very good page. A lot of audio and video goodies to download. Also has an indepth pre "Debut" biography.

Raintree's Björkish Calender
Raintree's Bjorkish calender. Keep up to date on Bjork's music!!!! Homogenic is her upcoming album, get the newest news here! A link to the nude picture debate.

Zing BOOM: Pages all about Björk.
This is a new page started by Rob Vanatta. He's gotten off to a great start!

Björk Gudmundsdottir's Wigout.....VOX.....Page
Josh's excellent Björk page! Lots of links, tons of pics, and good info. If you go to the pics, go at a slow time.

Steve's Collection of Björk Stuff
This is a cool page, it's very visually pleasing. He has a ton of links, and a quick time movie.

Stig Nielsen's Björk Page
Crack open Björk's head and crawl around in her mind with Stig! Learn what makes this Icelandic goddess tick, and find out what her tatoo means. He also has remixed music.

Won Tchoi's Bjork Site
Won's site is very good. It has a good start on a biography, a discography, lyrics, links, and a lot of pictures. Under construction.

Panu Ranta's Björk Page
This is a great site for pics, and he has a very concise easy to view biography! He also has an interesting Star Trek spoof called Star Drag: The Next Degeneration (how appropriate!). It has Björk invading the ship and basically driving the crew crazy.

Håkans Björkpage
Björk MIDI files, links, and more.

Planet Suite
KUKL information, links and pictures. KUKL is the punk band which Björk was in during her teens.

Björk Page
Lots and lots of MPEGs, AVIs, MOV, WAV, and AU files!!

You can find the lyrics to Björk's rare jazz-album "Gling-Gló" (1990) translated into English at this page.

Yarble's Björk Page
Plenty of pictures, audio files, and video files. This page has some of the software you'll need to play all those video and audio files. Yarble's links page is probably the most complete list of Bjork sites (102), it's a little out of date with some dead links. Still great!

Gling Glo's Björk Page
Icelandic lyrics with English translation of Gling Glo's lyrics. And real audio of Gling Glo. Bjork Discography.

Thomas Cheng's Björk Page
Some scans of CD backs fronts inserts. Not a lot here, but I like it anyway.

The Blue Pages
Has some pictures, a couple of nudies.

Xtrabjörk Page
Italian Fan-Club and Fanzine. In English and Italian.

Thomas Rinnan's Björk Page
Rinnan's Björk page has the Bjork-Net world map with bjork pages listed by country.

Gideon's FTP
People upload pictures, audio files, video files, and text files to Gideon's FTP. Just about everything on the net pertaining to Björk is here! It's not all on the pages, you'll have to use FTP software to see a lot of it (don't ask me how I've never done it!).

Micah William's Björk Page
This Micah really likes Björk! He has an interesting Björk page.

Damien's Björk Page
Lyrics, pictures, and videos (including Motor Crash).

One Little Indian
Check at One Little Indian mail order for Björk music. I've heard that they aren't very reliable. So if you order something it may be out of stock, or it may take a long time to get it.

Lunargirl's Björk Page
Lina the Lunargirl puts some cool stuff out. Sometimes she'll link it from her Björk page.

Hyper Tech's Nova Björk Page
An up to date page with audio clips, news, and a few pictures. New home of 77island discography. Hyper Tech is the Björk ring master.

The Vudu Bjork Page
They have an excellent Björk biography!! It also has Björk updates. It is certainly worth visiting!

Digitized Songs
This is an index of some of Björk's music, the files are very large!

Björk Guðmundsdóttir
A simple strait forward Björk server.

Pomegranate's Björk Page
An online adventure! He has movies, and sounds. You have to search his site and click on images to find them, it's kind of a game. If you don't have a high speed modem/connection and a browser made of steel don't go!

Keep checking back, there will be many changes soon!

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