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This is the centerpiece of my BJÖRK site! Björk is very cute and she seems to love the camera, the camera certainly loves her! She is quite variable in her appearance, in some pictures she looks Asian in some she looks European, she can be funky, freaky, almost conservative, regardless of this variance she is almost always adorable!. I have attempted to catagorise her pictures below. Keep in mind that I didn't use ridgid rules when placing these photos into the catagories.

Just click on the picture below the description to go to a page that features those type of pictures, the number below each thumbnail link denotes the number of pictures in that catagory. Have fun!

My Favorites: Obviously, I particularly like these pictures of Björk.


Funky Björk: Björk is a very dynamic and variable lady, these pictures show her wild side. In some of these she has funky hair, in others she is wearing face paint or the camera caught her in a moment of funkiness!
She's Wild!


Black & White Pictures: She looks great in black and white also!!!


Concert Pictures:These aren't all from concerts. If she's got a mike in front of her or she's on a stage the pic could end up here. Björk is intense and very animated in concert. Though I havn't been fortunate enough to experience one (Yet!) . It's obvious from these photos that her performance is explosive!


Variety: Considering the vast number of pictures of Björk and her manifest diversity, it's virtually impossible to pigeon hole all of her pictures into distinct catagories. Just because a picture is in the last table of the last variety page doesn't mean it's not a good picture, I place the pictures pretty much in a random fashion within catagories.


I have obtained these images from around the web, I have enhanced some of them (i.e. gamma correction, sharpness adjustment, noise reduction, etc...). If a picture is butchered don't blame me that's the way I found it! Some of the pictures may be in more than one file. Check back soon there will be new pics in the near future!

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