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Björk Art

"Oh joy! She's the neatest thing since powdered toast!"-Stimpy
This doctored pic is my contribution to the web. Curt G.


Welcome to my Björk fan page! I created this page because Björk is awesome! Björk is a beautiful women who makes beautiful music. There are ton’s of pictures of her on the Internet, I’ve collected my favorites and put them here for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully, I’ve made it easy to browse through my collection. I'm Curt Grogan. If you want to know a little about me here's My Home Page.

If you are looking for explicit pictures of Björk here's something for you: naughty pictures.

Are you wondering, who is Björk? In case if you live on a mountain right at the top, and have not heard of Björk, simply Björk is it! Björk Guðmundsdóttir is an Icelandic singer who used to be in the Sugar Cubes. She has really come into her own as a solo artist making Pop/Dance/Techno/Alternative music. Most places sell it with Pop music, her songs are so varied that it’s hard to categorize. Some of her music has strings, harps, keyboards, Hip-Hop beats, and a myriad of other accompaniments. If you haven't heard of her I highly recommend checking out her music, her singing gives me goose bumps!

When I first heard of Björk I was clueless on how to pronounce her name. Most people pronounce it incorrectly so that it rhymes with York or dork. To clear things up here is Björk with the correct pronunciation.

Just a little more info: POST is the title of one of her CDs. I Miss You, Hyper-Ballad, and It's Oh So Quiet are my favorites. Debut is another CD, it’s excellent! Telegram is her most recent CD, it’s mostly remixes. If you are new to Björk’s music I’d recommend Post or Debut as your first CD. Björk has a son named Sindri. Also, she can really kick some reporter butt!! Björk is possibly maybe the cutest!

Björk's likes: Roller Skating, Ren & Stimpy, Boots, and Interesting Hair Styles.





Here are some other Björk sites. They run the gamit in their offerings : video & music clips, some very good biographies & discographies, and sketchings & pictures (of course)!!!

Björk Links!

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There have been Björkanauts land on this page since Aug 7 96!

Don't forget to bookmark this page, new pics are added often. The background remix of Army of Me was done by Stig Nielsen. Thanks Stig!

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