"Sunset Road," Blue O'Connell, host

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Show Hosted: Sunset Road

Air Time: Friday 5:00-7:00 pm.

When did this person begin infiltrating mainstream radio with good music? 1990

Biography: I was raised in inner city Chicago where I began cultivating my unrelenting passion for the arts at a young age. After I acquired my first record player at age 9 I began playing drums and later guitar. Working at two large record store chains in the city for 5 years garnered me with an enormous record collection of all kinds of music. Now, in addition to being a Folk DJ, I also play classical guitar, Native American flute and bodhran.

About her show: My idea to feature lesser known contemporary acoustic artists was to not only provide airplay for those deserving to be heard, but to broaden the listener's scope of the eclectic forms of folk music. Being raised in the urban setting of Chicago, I was surrounded by the sounds of contemporary music of all forms.  I like to play all kinds of genres on my show. Everything from celtic, acoustic instrumental, world, traditional, singer/songwriters, Native American. I am on the air every other Friday night. Co-hosting the show is Pete Marshall who usually focuses on bluegrass, traditional and roots music.

Here are my Playlists for 2000!

December 31, 1999(well, almost 2000)
January 14, 2000
January 28, 2000
February 10, 2000
March 10, 2000

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