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Individual Bio's
CD - Cassette
    • Jody Shank: guitar, bass, vocals
    • Andy Sharp: guitar, vocals, keyboard
    • Chuck Gaither: percussion, drums

    kHz is a Band with a monstrosity of character & a plethera of sound ! "They're Down! & they FUCKIN JaM!!"
    Andy rips the guitar & Hurl's the Vocals; Jody thumps, slaps & pounds in the funky-fat bass sounds, while, Chuck supplies the percussion and drums. The combined sound is an experience that you WILL NOT forget!
    Jody was a member of Disfunktional Groove in the early 90's, gigging from southern Ca up to the bay, while Andy was writing music and living in Modesto, Ca. One evening, Andy went out to Berkeley Square in Beeeerkley. Saw Jody playing w/D-funk. When D-funk went defunct kHz- killerHertz was born!

    After Andy & Jody began writing music they had a short stint in a Band called SEVERE where they met Chuck "aka Chunky the shmum monster"

    But hey! Why should we be telling you all this? Listen to the tracks, read the cv's(bio's), win or buy the cd or cassette, read the book, check the "Killer" video of us" Live in The Mosh" ... check the tracks, check yourself, get the cd..... and we'll "catch ya on the flip side".

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