(                   (    
DANNY (V/O):  President Gibbons, A.K.A King Faggot, turned out to be a huge pain in the ass.


He lies on the ground, motionless.

Danny (V/O):  My brother got 30 days…Seth ten…Cammeron – a slap on the wrist.



Nobody around.  The scene is serene compared to earlier.  DANNY CRAWLS FROM THE DUMPSTER and walks down the alley.

DANNY (V/O):  Soon after, Derek—one of the four Grand Fathers of the Fourth Reich North—quit and formed the more militant Disciples of Christ.



Danny sparks up another cigarette and types on the screen

DANNY (V/O):  The sixty or so Disciples followed my brother’s word like it was the word of God.



As the rain falls we see the Vinyard's sitting at the table.  Stacey and Murray Rosenberg, Doris’ then boyfriend who we met earlier, round out the clan.  Stacey sits close to Derek.

DANNY (V/O):  Then came October 4th.

Doris looks wonderful.  And Mr. Murray Rosenberg is a far cry from his present clean-cut image.  PONYTAIL and BEARD, Murray stares at Derek talking away.

DANNY (V/O):  Everything was fine at the time.  My Mom had a good job and a new boyfriend…her first in a while.  We had a four bedroom house six blocks from the beach that Dad set us up with.  Everyone was happy.

TIGHT ON DEREK.  His hair is longer on his face than on his head.  His head is completely shaved.  A wife-beater cotton tank top, tattoos, nose and ear rings, wire-rimmed glasses.  His charisma draws their attention as he rambles over the crackling rainfall.

Danny (V/O):  Everyone but Derek.

DEREK:  White men don’t cruise the streets of LA killing each other, Murray.

MURRAY:  No.  You guys make bombs.

Derek stares at the man, eyes filled with homicide.

DEREK:  White Americans don’t take P.C.P. and drink and drive a hundred and twenty fuckin’ miles an hour!  That’s reality.  We pull over and trust the law.

MURRAY:  (smiling) You are kidding, right?

DAVINA:  (sarcastically) Don’t you know, Murray?  White people never break the law.  We’re perfect little angels.

DEREK:  That’s not what I said, Davina.  (to the group) Three different times Rodney King comes at those officers with the intent to hurt them.  To hurt them!  Three times!  But since we see it on some fucking tampered videotape…the bleeding heart media makes you believe that he only comes at them once.  All we see is Powell…Koon and Wind hittin’ him and…(busting up laughing) Briseno kickin’ him in the back of the fuckin’ head with his boot.  Still…the dumbfuck’s tryin’ to get up and kick their asses!  That’s how stupid that mother fucker is.  They used textbook-solid tactics and if Dad were still here he’d say the same damn thing.

DORIS:  That doesn’t make it right.

DEREK:  Yes…It does.  Cops are taught to use that stick and they did.

MURRAY:  Excessively.

DEREK:  Appropriately.  Cops demand authority and white people…unfortunately…are the only ones who give it to them.  (after a beat) even I acknowledge a cop’s authority.

Davina starts to laugh.

DAVINA:  Look who’s talking about respecting the law?  MR. K.K.K. HERE.

Derek:  That’s two errors in one sentence, Davina.  First error – I didn’t say I respect the law.  I said I respect a cop’s authority.  Second error…I’m not a member of the fuckin’ Ku Klux Klan.  Pull your head outta your ass.

MURRAY:  Don’t speak to her that way, Derek.  Come on.

DEREK:  Murray, stay out of it.  You’re not a member of this family and you never will be.

MURRAY:  What the hell does that have to do with anything?

DORIS:  You know, sometimes it’s hard to believe that I gave birth to you.

DEREK:  If Dan was walking across the street that night and Rodney King plowed into him—

DORIS:  Forget about Rodney King for chrissake!

DERE:  (fiercely continuing) –while wasted on Chias and P.C.P….YOU’D CONSIDER THE FORCE TOSE COPS USED TO BE JUSTIFIED.

Doris:  He didn’t hit anybody!

DEREK:  If he did though!  If that shithead killed Dan…you would have believed the beating to be justified and so would everybody else.  But since he didn’t hit anyone…it’s "Hand’s Across America" for the son of a bitch.  It’s a "modern day, do anything to help the struggling black man society," and we’re all fucking suckers to it.

STACEY:  I’m with you, honey.  All the way.  It’s one…giant…ploy.

DAVINA:  Here we go.

STACEY:  I mean…nobody likes Chief whatever his name is, right?

DAVINA:  Gates.

STACEY:  Yeah.  So here comes this filthy piece of garbage in a Hyundai.  He pulls over in front of a perfectly lighted area where a video camera is sitting there…fucking waiting for him, man.  What happens next?  Chief Gates is dust.  It’s total—

Davina drops her silverware on the plate with a clatter and looks at her mother.  Everyone stares at Davina.

DAVINA:  (to Doris) May I be excused please?

DEREK:  Don’t interrupt, Davina.

DAVINA:  I didn’t interrupt shit.

DEREK:  The hell you didn’t.  I was listening to Stacey and then I heard you.  That’s called interrupting.  Wait til’ she’s finished and you can be excused.

DAVINA:  Who the hell do you think you are?

Derek jumps up from the table and grabs her by the back of the hair.  The table JOLTS and plates drop to the floor.

DEREK:  You don’t know when to shut up, do you?

DORIS:  Goddammit Derek!

MURRAY:  Come on, Derek!  What are you trying to prove, man?!  Jesus!

Derek turns and laughs at Murray.

DEREK:  I’m trying to teach my sister some respect, Murray.

DAVINA:  Let go of my fucking hair!

DEREK:  (to Murray) See!  See the way she speaks!  (softly to Davina) Tell me you’re gonna shut up and I’ll let you go.

DORIS:  Derek!  Let go of her hair and sit down!

DEREK:  I will when I hear an answer, Doris.  Tell me, Davina.  (softly) Are you going to shut up?

TIGHT ON DANNY.  He gets up quickly and tries to pull Derek off.  Derek turns and cracks Danny in the face with a BACKHAND, dropping him back into a cabinet.  A crystal vase with flowers crashes to the floor, just missing Danny’s head.

MURRAY:  Jesus!

DERE:  (to Danny) What are you thinkin’?

DORIS:  Danny?  Are you okay?  Derek!

Danny nods his head as everyone looks at Derek.

DEREK:  (to Davina) Are you going to shut up so Stacey can finish or what?  (sympathetically) It’s a real easy question, Davina.  A simple yes or no will suffice.  Tell me what I want to hear and I’ll let go.

DAVINA:  Fuck…you.

Derek takes a piece of roast beef off her plate and shoves it in her mouth.  He holds the whole piece inside so she can’t spit it out.  Davina cries as she chokes on the meat.

MURRAY:  She can’t breathe, Derek!

DEREK:  Stay back, both of you!  It’s her bed…she’s gotta lie in it.  (grabbing harder) You can cry all you want, Davina.  I’m not gonna let go until you tell me what I wanna hear!  Are you going to shut that fat fucking mouth of yours and let my girlfriend tell her opinion?  (exploding) Are you?!

DORIS grabs him from behind and he aggressively turns on her.  Derek curled his tongue behind his teeth and raises his arm like he’s actually going to smack his mother.  She grabs his arm though, forcefully.

DORIS:  Let go of her hair and sit down.

Derek releases his grip on his sister and she spits the roast beef onto the floor.  She runs in the back bedroom crying, choking and coughing.

DAVINA (O.S.):  I hate you, you fucking asshole!

The door slams shut in the background.  Doris, Murray, Danny, and Stacey all stare at Derek.  Derek calmly faces his brother.

DEREK:  You okay?

Danny nods.

MURRAY:  (softly) Psycho.

IN SLO MO – Time FREEZES as Derek slowly turns his head back to Murray.  ON THE TRACK we hear a few keys being typed and then silence.  A cigarette sizzles.



He takes a long drag off his cigarette and exhales.  He slowly runs his hands over his stubbly head, marveling at the past.



Derek smiles at Murray in wonder and disbelief.

DEREK:  Would you care to repeat that, Murray?  I’m not sure I got all of it.

STACEY:  (smiling)  He called you a "psycho", honey.

DEREK:  (smiling back) Was that it?  Golly.  Thanks Mur.

MURRAY:  See. Here we go again with this, Derek.  Making me out to be the bad guy again.

STACEY:  You callin’ me a liar, RosenKike?

MURRAY:  (to Stacey) Hey goddammin!  You talk to me with respect or--!

DEREK:  Or what, Murray!?  What’re you gonna do?  Give her detection?

DORIS:  I want both of you outta here.

Murray stares at Derek with pity.  Doris becomes emotional.

DORIS:  (to Derek) Do you think you’re the only one that hurts around here?

Derek focuses on his mother for a moment.  A captivated Danny watches and waits as Derek turns to Murray.

DEREK:  Out of respect for my mother…I’m gonna let that go, Murray.  I won’t bash your face in.  But let me tell you somethin’…man to fuckin’ mouse here.  Normally in a situation like this I’d take my steeltips to your fucking temple.  That goes for anyone making comments about me…my family…Stacey…whomever.  You know and I know that I could crush that puny fuckin’ skull of yours in a second.  So it’s beyond me why you would say something like that without being able to back it up?  What’s worse, you sack of shit, is you calling the woman I love a liar.

MURRAY:  I never said she was a liar.

A fed up Derek stares down Murray and puts out his cigarette.

DEREK;; Weasel like that again Murray…you fuckin’ ponytail, pussy, bagel eating, teacher, faggot…and I’ll cut your nose off.  Make no mistake.

Murray silently walks out of the house.  Derek claps and signs the Jewish celebration song "Hava Naghila Hava."  Stacey joins in and the two laugh.  Doris goes after Murray.

DEREK:  My problem is…Dad’s corpse is still warm.

Doris stops in her tracks and slowly turns around.

DORIS:  Don’t you ever disrespect your father like that.

Derek looks at her and realizes he’s said and done something wrong.


Murray hyperactively bangs his fists on top of his wet car.  Rain crashes down as Doris approaches from the lawn.

DORIS:  He’s a kid, Murray.

MURRAY:  He’s a kid, my ass Doris!  We were kids!  We didn’t…call people kikes!

DORIS:  It’s gonna take some time with him!

MURRAY:  You don’t know your children, Doris!  You don’t know the world they live in!  (then, truly believing) Your son is a terrorist.

DORIS:  He is not a terrorist!

MURRAY:  He’s founder of The Disciples of Christ!  Louis Farrakhan has gotten death threats from the Disciples.  Alan Dershowitz.  Mayor Bradley.  (then)My sister and her two kids got evacuated from her Temple in Woodland Hills!!!

DORIS:  Murray!  Please!  Derek would never have anything to do with bombs, okay?!  You don’t know him like I do.

MURRAY:  I wouldn’t want to know him like you do, Doris.

Murray gets inside and drives down the street.


He watches Doris as she stands alone in the rain.  BEHIND Dan a humiliated Davina storms toward Derek wielding a BASEBALL BAT.

DANNY:  (stunned) Davina?

Derek hears Dan and looks out of the corner of his eye.  He spots her at the last moment.

DAVINA:  Take this, you fucking dick!

Derek pops up quickly, disarms her, and pulls her close.

DEREK:  Davina!  It’s okay!  Calm down.  Please.  (whispering in her ear) I’m sorry, okay?  Come on.

DAVINA:  Let go of me!

DEREK:  Come on Davina, I’m sorry.  I lost control.  Come on.  I screwed up.  Please.

Derek holds tight until the crying girl settles down.  He’s gripped as desperately by remorse as he was moments before by rage.  He kisses and repeats his apology over and over.  Finally, she succumbs and puts her arms around him.  Derek looks to Danny.

DEREK:  (hugging Davina) You guys are my life…and I’d do anything for you.  You do know that, don’t you?

DAVINA:  (wiping her cheek) I don’t know anything anymore.

DEREK:  I swear to God I would, Davina.

DANNY:  I believe you.

Derek smile at his little brother, lovingly.

DEREK:  Davina?  Please forgive me.

DAVINA:  (nodding, after a beat) That sucked, Derek.

DEREK:  I know it did.  And I’m sorry.  (then, referring to Murray outside) I just really hate that guy.

DAVINA:  I couldn’t tell.

Derek kisses her, walks over to the front door, puts his arm around Dan, and looks at his mother outside.

DEREK:  (whispering in his ear) Don’t take sides against me like that again.

DANNY:  I won’t.  I’m sorry.

DEREK:  Dad’s gone to a better place so he’s not here to help any of us.  Treat me with respect and I’ll do the same with you.

DANNY:  Okay.

DEREK:  (still whispering) Go against me though…and I’ll do my Lawrence Powell imitation on you.

A RAINSOAKED DORIS walks through the front door, disgusted with her son.

DORIS:  Find an apartment because I want you out of here.

DEREK:  (shocked) What?  The guy’s—

DORIS:  I don’t care what he is.  I want you out.

STACEY:  He can move in with me.

DORIS:  When?

STACEY:  Tomorrow.

DORIS:  Good.

She walks past Derek and he watches, suddenly filled with remorse.



He rises from the computer and PEEKS out the blinds.  The two cops supposedly watching Derek are now  eating in the car.  One of them looks up.  Danny flips the blind down and exits.


Danny grabs the gallon of milk and chugs straight from the container.  The phone rings and Danny is quick to answer.

DANNY:  (into the receiver) Yeah.

MAN (V/O):  It’s me, Dan.

DANNY:  Who’s Me?

MAN (V/O):  You know.

Danny stretches the cord and checks out his mother and sister.  Both snooze on the two couches.

DANNY:  (softly) Look asshole.  It’s getting’ really old.

MAN (V/O):  He’s fucking dead, Dan.

A dial tone.

DANNY:  Hello?

Danny quietly places the phone on the hook and thinks about the threat.

Doris immediately goes into a coughing attack in the living room.  Danny hears this, fills a glass with water and brings it to her.

DANNY:  Here.

DORIS:  Thank you, honey.

She coughs, recovers, and sips.  Danny walks away.

DORIS:  Hey.  Come here.  Sit down for a second.

DANNY:  I’ve got this thing to do.

DORIS:  You can sit down for two seconds.

DANNY:  (sitting) Don’t breathe on me.

DORIS:  I won’t.

They share a smile.

Danny:  What?

DORIS:  What?  I’m not allowed to look at you?

He smothers her face with his hand, jokingly.

DANNY:  No.  You’re not.

DORIS:  (laughing) Daniel Patrick!  Stop it!  (softly) Are you ever gonna let that beautiful hair grow back?

DANNY:  Nope.  Never.

He smiles, rises and walks back towards his room.

DORIS:  If you need me to proof anything…

DANNY:  I think I can manage.

DORIS:  Okay.  Wake up early if you get tired.

Doris watches him disappear down the hall, distant thoughts creeping back slowly.


He searches through his closet, finding a secret scrapbook.  The LA TIMES news clipping reads "Prominent Skinhead Charged with Murder."  The accompanying picture of Derek is near evil.

TIGHT ON HIS EYES.  Danny stares at the clipping.



He watches Derek, in his SKIVVIES, fire his gun at the TRANS AM as it blazes down the street.  He walks over to the wounded man on the lawn and points his weapon.

STACEY (V/O):  Get down, Danny!!!!

Danny looks at her and hurries out of his room.


He hovers over Big Lawrence.  Gun pointed steadily, he kicks him in the stomach over and over – tongue pressed against teeth.  Hot air flows from Derek’s breath and into the cold.

DEREK:  Did you follow me from the courts?  Answer me, motherfucker!

Derek answers the silence with a gunshot to the leg.  The man screams in agony.

LAWRENCE:  Goddamn, man!

DANNY (O.S.):  Derek!  What are you doin;?!

DEREK:  Get in the house, Dan!

Danny is now outside watching his older brother.

DANNY:  Let the cops handle it, Der!

DEREK:  He won’t talk to the cops!

Derek grabs Lawrence and drags him by the shirt to the corner of the CURB.

DEREK:  He will talk to me, though.  Won’t you?  (while dragging) Ever shoot at firemen, you fuck?

LAWRENCE:  I don’t know shit, man!  I swear!

DEREK:  We’ll soon find out.  Open your mouth and put it on the corner of the curb.

DANNY:  Derek!?

DEREK:  Get in the fucking house, Dan!


LAWRENCE:  Come on, man.  Call an ambulance.  I’m dyin’ here.  Please.

DEREK:  How did you know, asshole?

LAWRENCE:  Know what, man?

Derek kicks the man in the stomach.

DEREK:  Don’t fuck with me.  You know what.  You planned this shit at the courts.  Put your mouth on the curb.  NOW!

He cocks his piece and Lawrence complies—his teeth scraping concrete.

DEREK:  How did you know there was shail in the trunk?  I’ll put your brains all over this fucking sidewalk!

SIRENS sound from afar.  Danny walks out into the middle of the street to check it out.

DANNY:  The cops are comin’, Der!

DEREK:  (to Lawrence) Three seconds.  Two seconds…one second..

LAWRENCE:  (mumbling)  That cowboy!

DEREK:  The cowboy?

LAWRENCE:  Please. Man.

Derek shakes his head slowly side to side.  Danny takes a few steps closer from the street.

DEREK:  Sorry.

DANNY:  (anticipating) Nooo!

Derek STOMPS his foot on the back of LAWRENCE’S head – completely tearing his jaw in half on the curb’s corner.

DANNY:  Holy fucking shit!  Derek!  What the hell was that for?!  Jesus (losing it) Why’d you do that?!

The two look at each other.  Derek analyzes himself – a gun in one hand and a key of coke in the other.  Danny checks the man’s condition.

DANNY:  He’s not moving, Der.

A shattered Derek looks blankly at his brother.

DANNY:  What do you want me to do?

DEREK:  I don’t know.

DANNY:  (looking at Lawrence) Jesus Der…I think he’s dead.

Danny grabs the bag of blow – relieving some of the burden.  As SIRENS near, Danny heads towards the house.

DEREK:  Danny?

DANNY:  (turning back) What?

Derek takes his time answering, drunk with confusion.

DEREK:  What happened?

Danny runs inside the house.  The women scream from the other room.  He quickly pans the house for a hiding place.  Nothing.  He spots a PLANTER on the back porch as a HELICOPTER now hovers above.

Copter lights shine briskly through the house’s windows.  Obnoxious sirens blare and TIRES SCREECH OUTSIDE.

DANNY’S POV.  He watches a lone cop take cover behind his door.  The officer draws his gun and waits for backup.  Derek and the cop stare at each other.

Without instruction, Derek drops the gun, turns around, puts his arms behind his head, and drops to his knees facing Danny.  The two brothers share a look of reckoning.



DANNY’S POV.  FIVE PATROL CARS, a FIRE TRUCK, TWO AMBULANCES, and a throng of terrified NEIGHBORS strangle the front of the house.  Clothed and handcuffed, Derek is escorted from the house by a uniformed cop and RASMUSSEN.  Derek marches past the bodies – which are being tended to thoroughly.  Derek watches Lawrence dying, unable to fathom what he has done.

DANNY (V/O):  Twenty minutes later Bobby Lawrence died of massive head trauma.  Six months after that…Derek was sentences to seven years for voluntary manslaughter at the Metropolitan detection Center in Los Angeles.

Rasmussen forces Derek’s head down and he sits in the car, staring at his family.

DANNY (V/O):  Prosecutors wanted murder one for my brother’s torture method…but there wasn’t enough "premeditated" evidence.



They clearly focus on the article as he sits at the computer.  He types the sentence "There might have been if I testified" but then decides to delete it.

DANNY (V/O):  (continuing) Over the next year we’d lose out house and most of our father’s pension to attorney fees.  My mother…much to my surprise…stood by Derek throughout.

Danny’s interrupted by a LOUD KNOCK on the front door.  He quickly grabs a MACHETE from his closet.


He looks through the PEEPHOLE and sees it’s CHRIS AND JASON.  He sighs in relief and opens the door.

JASON:  We’re here, dude.

CHRIS:  Grab your stick and drop your dick.

DANNY:  I told you assholes I can’t tonight.

DORIS (O.S.):  (from the couch) Danny?

DANNY:  It’s okay, Mom.

JASON:  Does Mommy want her baby to do his homework?

DANNY:  Fuck off.

The two punks laugh as Danny pushes them and their boards back to his bedroom.  He shuts his bedroom door.


Danny looks at the two.

DANNY:  What do you guys want?

JASON:  Cruise over there with us.

DANNY:  If I don’t finish this thing I’m dead.

CHRIS:  Just tell ‘em you’ll do it tomorrow, alright?  You can’t miss this party.

JASON:  Fire pie Lizzie called and told us to grab your ass.

DANNY:  Did she?

CHRIS:  You gotta fuck that freshman shit.  You’re not eighteen yet.

The PHONE RINGS ONCE AGAIN.  Danny quickly picks it up.

DANNY:  (into the receiver) Look dickwad!  Stop fuckin’ callin’ here!


The only illumination shines through the window from the street.  Holding his briefcase, he stands over his desk phone, all packed up and almost out the door.


DANNY (O.S.):  Yeah.

SWEENEY:  Dr. Sweeney.

DANNY (O.S.): Oh, shit.  I mean…golly.  I’m sorry, sir.

JASON:  (softly to Danny) Who is that?


SWEENEY:  Is everything okay over there?

DANNY:  Everything’s fine.

SWEENEY:  How’s it comin’?

DANNY:  I’m workin’ on it.

CHRIS:  Who is that?

DANNY:  (covering the receiver) It’s Sweeney.

CHRIS:  Who?!  Why is he calling here!?  (then, loudly) Fuck you, Sweeney!  Asshole!

JASON:  (grabbing the receiver) Get a fucking job, you---!

Danny grabs the receiver back and yells at his friends.

DANNY:  You fuckers are going to get me booted!  (into the receiver)  Dr. Sweeney?  I’m sorry man.  That was…uncalled for.

SWEENEY:  If that paper isn’t on my desk tomorrow Dan…you’re gone.

DANNY:  It’ll be there.

SWEENEY:  It better be.

DANNY:  It will, alright!

Sweeney hangs up.  Danny slams the phone on the hook and gives it THE FINGER.

DANNY:  Fuck you!


Danny, Chris and Jason skate up to the party and cruise inside.


Derek and Seth sit in the car as a band JAMS from Cam’s house.  Seth wolfs down a cheeseburger as Derek grabs a BASKETBALL from the floor and grips the familiar object.

SETH:  (feeding his face) You’re an idiot if you ask me.

DEREK:  Well…I’m not asking you.

Derek spins the ball on his finger and Seth, hands all greasy, knocks it to the floor.

SETH:  What if he writes something stupid and fuckin’ Sweeney turns you in?  I’ve seen D.A.’s reopen cases over shit like this.

Derek takes a long stare at Seth.

DEREK:  I’ve done my time, Seth.  Down the road…you’ll probably do yours.

SETH:  What the fuck’s your problem, dude?

DEREK:  You’re my problem, Seth.

SETH:  I’m the least of your problems.

DEREK:  You’re the root of my problems.

Seth takes the last bite, smiles and stares at Derek.

SETH:  You’re serious.

DEREK:  Yeah I’m serious.  I’m finished with this shit.  I’m done.

SETH:  What exactly are you "done" with?

DEREK:  You know exactly.

SETH:  I can’t believe I’m hearing this shit come out of your mouth.

DEREK:  Spend three years of your life locked in a cell and then talk, Seth.  You don’t know shit until you’ve done it and you haven’t.  Over three years of my fucked up life are lost.  And for what?

SETH:  You’re a piece of shit, scumbag, traitor.

Seth walks inside to the party.  Derek sparks up a cigarette and observes a shadow-cloaked female enter the party.

STACEY (V/O):  (reading) Hi Daddy.  I was just thinking about how much I love you.  So…I decided to pick up a pen and let you know what I’m thinking and feeling.



A sweaty, longer haired Derek lays on the top bunk with glasses and the night light on.  He stares at the letter as his HUGE ROOMMATE sleeps below.

STACEY (V/O):  (reading) I go to work…I go to bed…I go on with my life.  Despite all my emptiness…I go on.  But I hurt.  I really, truly hurt.  (after a beat) I don’t want to hurt anymore, Derek.  I won’t.

TIGHT ON THE BALLOON.  There are two tiny needle holes poked into the bottom where heroin had leaked out.

The guards arrive at the scene as Derek stands.  Derek looks over at Stevie and his smirking gang.  He charges over but is restrained by a pair of hulking guards.  Derek struggles with rage as Stevie waves before disappearing.



He eats alone.  STEVIE and his HUGE ARYAN bodyguard join him.

BIG ARYAN:  We’re sorry about your friend, man.

Derek looks at the smiling monster but says nothing.

STEVIE:  You need us now, Derek.  You got no one else.

DEREK:  (after a beat) You guys actually like it in here, hunh?

BIG ARYAN:  You gotta wise up, little man.

DEREK:  Go fuck yourselves.  Both of you.

Derek looks at the men, grabs his tray, and rises.

STEVIE:  Be careful, Derek.

Derek walks to a different table and sits alone as inmates from all walks of life look on.




He plays basketball with mostly black prisoners.  A BLACK INMATE looks over to STEVIE AND HIS GANG and Stevie nods at him IN A "BE MY GUEST, FASHION."  The man pulls a pipe from his backside and heads toward Derek.

Just as Derek grabs the ball off the rim, the black man hits him with the bar across the back.  Prisoners circle and three other BLACK MEN join in and beat Derek with pipes as he rolls on the ground.  One of the prisoners KICKS a bloody Derek when he tries to GET UP.

BLACK KIVKER:  Stay down, mother fucker!

DEREK’S POV.  Oblivious, dizzy, and beaten, Derek sees the four blurry prisoners dressed in LAPD UNIFORMS.  They continue to whale on him, a la Rodney King.


He flicks his cigarette out the window, gets out of the car, and slowly walks across the street to the party.


DICK NIXON plays the song ‘BIG BLACK WOMAN" and skinheads slam dance.  DANNY joins the crowd, skanking violently.


His face is tattooed with crow’s feet and prison ink.  CASSANDRA, a frail, English woman with green hair and a huge nose ring approaches the skin filling his beer at the keg.

CASSANDRA:  (over the music) I think you’re full of shit!

OLDER SKIN:  Have you even looked yet?

CASSANDRA:  Of course I’ve looked, you wanker!


Chris and Jason pound beer and huck DARTS at a picture of O.J. SIMPSON.  Seth violently slams past the kids while Derek stands in the b.g.

CHRIS:  Yo!  What’s up, Fat Seth?

Seth throws him against the wall.


Chris:  Okay!  I’m sorry, bro!

JASON:  Take it easy, dude!

Seth then grabs Jason and tosses him like a dart to Chris’ side.  Both kids stare at him, alarmed.  Seth releases them, mixes into the party, and SLAM DANCES into ten other skins.

DEREK STANDS AT THE ENTRANCE.  He looks around the room and analyzes the seedy crowd.  JASON recuperates and looks at Derek.

JASON:  Are you lost, dude!?

Derek says nothing.  Quickly, Chris recognizes him.

CHRIS:  (softly, to himself) Holy shit!

Derek turns to walk away but he’s stopped by Chris.

CHRIS:  Father Vinyard?

DEREK:  What?!  Piss off.

It’s obvious the two kids are on COCAINE by the way they move their jaws and talk.

CHRIS:  (excited) Son of a bitch motherfucker!  I didn’t even recognize you, sir!

DEREK:  (competing with the music) Don’t call me "sir!"

JASON:  I’m Jason and that’s Chris!  We’re friends with your brother!

They both stick out their hands but Derek doesn’t even acknowledge them.

CHRIS:  You are fuckin’ god, man!  I’m sorry…but you are!

JASON:  No doubt!

DEREK:  Don’t you two have homework or something?

The two boys look at each other and LAUGH.

JASON:  School doesn’t exist anymore, Father.

DEREK:  Don’t call me "father."

Chris pulls out a cigarette and sparks it up.

CHRIS:  I wrote you.  Two letters while you were in there!  Did you get them?

DEREK:  Chris Jones?!

Chris:  Fuckin’ A!  I thought for sure they confiscated that shit.

DEREK:  Yeah…I got them.  But I threw them away.  You got the I.Q. of a dial tone, kid.

The boys laugh at Derek like he’s joking around.

CHRIS:  You’re kidding, right?

Derek ignores and weaves his way through the crowd, causing many individuals to double-take.


In the corner, the band performs in front of a white sheet banner spray painted with the name DICK NIXON.  Derek spots partygoers sitting on a TOTALLES TRANS AM.  The windows are knocked out and he recognizes the vehicle instantly.  He stares for a beat, turning to the DRUMMER.

CASSANDRA:  Fuckin’ great, man!  I didn’t even recognize you with this doo!

DEREK:  Oh yeah?

CASSANDRA:  (volunteering) It’s too fuckin’ long, Der!  I like the whiskers but you gotta chop that mop.

Cassandra pulls out a brown menthol cigarette.  Derek quickly pulls out a lighter and lights it.

CASSANDRA:  (exhaling) Stacey’s meandering around here somewhere!  Have you seen the bitch?!

Derek lies and shakes his head.

DEREK:  The only person I’ve seen is Seth.

CASSANDRA:  Oh God.  I’m sorry.

DEREK’S POV.  When he turns to face Stacey, he sees Cammeron descend from the tiny stage.  Cam puts his arm around her as if she’s his main squeeze.  Knowing Derek’s watching, Stacey pushes Cam’s arm OFF.  Cam tells her to "fuck-off" along with a few other indignities.  Cammeron then acknowledges that Derek saw them together.

Derek watches, stunned, as Danny delivers a beer to Cammeron and the two make their way into the house.

LIZZY (O.S.):  Excuse me?  Are you going in there?

Derek looks down to see two very young girls.

DEREK:  Why?

LIZZY:  Can you tell Danny that Lizzy’s looking for him?  Derek can only stare at the girl’s youth.


Cammeron leans over the small table in the messy bedroom and quickly sniffs TWO LINES OF COKE through each nostril.  Danny stares at the large BAG OF COKE on the table.



The longer-haired youth pulls a plant out of a planter.  Beneath the dirt, in a plastic bag, is THE KILO OF COKE from earlier.  Danny looks at it for a moment and quickly throws it in his backpack behind his books.

Danny walks back into the house, grabs his skateboard, and exits the front door.  He goes under the YELLOW POLICE TAPE and past THREE UNIFORMED OFFICERS.  Danny confidently nods at them and they watch him skate away down the street.


Seth and Cam eagerly await Danny’s arrival.  Young Danny skates up and hands Cammeron the coke through the passenger window.

CAMMERON:  I’ll get you the money soon.

Before Danny can answer, Seth quickly takes off in the other direction.



Cammeron, coke hanging out of his nose, looks at Dan.

CAMMERON:  want a little pick-me-up or what?

DANNY:  No thanks.

Cam wipes his moustache and the table.  In the glass he sees DEREK’S REFLECTION.  Sure enough, Derek stands in the doorway – a ghost of three years’ past.

CAMMERON:  Well—(smiling to Derek) I can tell by the look on his face that he wants one.

Danny turns.  Derek doesn’t lift his eyes from Cammeron.

DEREK:  You need to get your eyes examined.

CAMMERON:  I need to get my fucking nose examined.

Cam laughs and puts his cowboy hat back on.

DEREK:  (calmly to Danny) There’s a cute little redhead out there looking for you, Dan.  Why don’t you go talk to her?

DANNY:  I’d like to kick it for a second.

CAMMERON:  Naw…get the fuck outta here, Dan.

DEREK:  Please.  Get out of here, please.

Danny looks at Cam, stands up, and walks out of the room.  Derek seizes his brother with his eyes as Danny exits.

CAMMERON:  Fuckin’ pigs are hasslin’ me any chance they get, man.  Gotta be extra careful.

DEREK:  What’d you expect?  They have a job to do.

CAMMERON:  Fuck cops.  They don’t understand a goddamn thing.  (hiding the coke) Last chance before I put it away.

DEREK:  Give it a rest.

CAMMERON:  (smiling) Okay.  Alright.  Just don’t preach any self-righteous prison shit to me and I won’t ask.

DEREK:  Don’t worry about that.

CAMMERON:  Have a seat.

Derek sits.  The sketchy Cammeron smiles, licks his lips, and sits back down.  He jitters his jaw as Derek stares him down.

CAMMERON:  I haven’t had a chance to thank you, Derek.  Since you haven’t fuckin’ stopped by here.  (after a beat) You kept your mouth shut and did your time and I…I respect that, man.

DEREK:  Did I have a choice?

Cammeron laughs.

CAMMERON:  No.  (smiling at him) So what are you gonna do?  What are your plans?

DEREK:  I’m gonna get a job.

CAMMERON:  Professional basketball?

DEREK:  Uhhh…I don’t think so.

CAMMERON:  Courier boy?

Derek coldly shakes his head sideways in amazement.  Cammeron sniffs a little from his fingernail and takes a sip of beer.

CAMMERON:  Do the shit in the pen at all?

DEREK:  Nope.  Not once.

CAMMERON:  We thought you might be making a killing in there.

DEREK:  Who’s we?

CAMMERON:  Me and the fat kid.

DEREK:  Nope.  Kept my nose clean.

CAMMERON:  No pun intended.

Derek nods slightly, pulls out a pack of Marlboro’s and lights up.  Derek stares down at the laughing cokehead.

TIGHT ON CAMMERON.  The sketchy dealer looks behind the couch to break the stare.

DEREK:  Why would you think that I could make a killing in there, Cammeron?  I only did it when my mom was short on cash.

Deep inside Cam knows.  Behind the couch is a PISTOL and a BONG.  Nervous and hesitant, he grabs the bong.

CAMMERON:  Well…she sure was short a lot.



Her skirt is hiked high, her taut thighs reflecting the moonlight.  His pants collect at his ankles, anchoring each pelvic thrust.

LIZZY:  (getting into it) Not yet, no.  Think about something else.  Think about baseball.  Don’t stop.  No.  No.

DANNY:  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

Danny releases inside of the redhead, yells in relief, and looks at her.  She firmly grabs his face.

DANNY:  What?  It’s still on.

LIZZY:  I wasn’t finished.

DANNY:  They’ll be other times.

He smiles and she kisses him.



He stands around the keg with a group of skinheads and lectures.

SETH:  Niggers aren’t the worst…they’re like…third, man.  Jews are the worst…the gays right behind them.

Lizzy walks through the back gate and into the house.  Danny follows her and stops, focusing his attention on Seth.

SETH:  Gays and Jews should die…there’s no fucking question about that.

RANDOM SKIN:  we need another holocaust, man.

Seth turns and stares at the man.

SETH:  What do you mean "another?"  When was the first one?

The young man doesn’t know what to say.  Neither does anybody else.

SETH:  (continuing) Everybody else…the Coloreds, the Chinks, the Japs, The Mexicans…they should have their own separate continent.  As far away from us as possible.  (after a beat) On second thought…blow them all to fucking hell, man.

Everyone laughs except for Danny.  Instead, he sparks up a cigarette and analyzes the scary faces of the Disciples.



Derek looks at the man and takes a drag off his cigarette.

CAMMERON:  How was it in there with all those fuckin’ monkeys?  You’re lucky they didn’t kill you.

He exhales and nods his head.

DEREK:  I agree.

CAMMERON:  Did any of them try and--?

DEREK:  (defiantly) What?  Fuck me?  No.

Cammeron smokes pot from a three foot BONG and clears the carb.  He holds the smoke in for a few seconds and exhales.

CAMMERON:  (changing the subject) Who runs the place?

DEREK:  Who runs what?

CAMMERON:  The fucking pen, man.  Who’s callin’ the shots?  The monkeys?  The wetbacks?

DEREK:  The Mexicans.

CAMMERON:  It’s a fuckin’ vacation for them in there, hunh?

DEREK:  Three squares a day.

CAMMERON:  Fuckin’ peasants.

DEREK:  They were really…organized.

Cammeron puts the bong back behind the couch and collects himself.

CAMMERON:  There’s something I have to tell you, Derek.

DEREK:  Is that right?  I don’t think I wanna hear anything you have to say, Cammeron.

Cammeron smiles and thinks to himself.  Derek stares at him, calculatingly.

CAMMERON:  I feel bad about it cause I value you as my friend.

DEREK:  You value me as your friend?

CAMMERON:  Always, man.  You and Danny.  You’re like brothers to me.

Derek presses his tongue psychotically against his teeth and stares at Cam.

DEREK:  He’s not your brother, Cammeron.

CAMMERON:  Fuck you, Derek.  I’m the one whose been looking after him the last three—

Derek EXPLODES.  With his feet, he pushes the GLASS COFFEE TABLE hard into Cammeron’s knees.  Cam screams in agony.  Derek SLUGS him in the face TWICE and Cam RETALIATES with two of his own.  They wrestle around the room and push their way into the bathroom.


Derek takes Cam by his long hair and SMASHES his face into the mirror.  IT SHATTERS.  Derek follows with a solid puck to the face.

DEREK:  Talk to him again and…I’ll kill you!

CAMMERON:  (bloody and beaten) Derek, man.  What are you doing’?

DEREK:  Shut up!  (teary eyed) Why, Cam?  Why’d you set me up?!  Because you think of me as a fucking brother?!

CAMMERON:  (slowly, mumbling) I’m gonna…

Derek bangs cam’s face against the mirror ONCE MORE>

DEREK:  Shut the fuck up!  You’re not doing anything.  (then) Do you understand what you put me through, you fucking cunt?!  Do you!?

Derek slams Cammeron’s face into the mirror three more times.  Blood squirts on both of them and the entire bathroom.

DEREK:  sell me the shit to re-sell…hire a couple of scumbags to steal it back…use me as the fall guy.  Double your profit.  I got great friends, don’t I?!

Derek rinses Cam’s bloody face off by PLUNGING it into the toilet.  He pulls him back up, they turn and face the mirror.

DEREK:  (softly) And Seth was drivin’, right?  Course he was.  Anybody else would’ve hit me.

Derek stares at him in grave silence.  CAMMERON RETALIATES AGAIN.  He forcefully backs Derek into the wall behind him.  He throws two punches at Derek – one in the stomach and one to the face that opens his lip.  He misses on the third and Derek proceeds to kick the living hell out of him.

BACK TO THE MIRROR.  Cammeron is completely pummeled,  Derek grinds his face into the glass.

DEREK:  See what shit looks like?

CAMMERON:  Your life…is over.

DEREK;  It already was with you in it.

Derek throws a bloody Cameron through the SHOWER CURTAIN and he slams his head against the wall.  He falls in the tub, unconscious.  Derek looks at him, grabs a small towel for his lip, and exits.


They SALUTE the band and chant as they tune up for another set.  Derek pushes his way through and spills a few beers on the way.

Cassandra smokes from a CRACK PIPE with a few random skins as Derek passes by.

RANDOM SKI:  Hey Derek!?

DEREK:  What?!

CASSANDRA:  (exhaling) Oh my god.  What happened to you?

RANDOM SKIN:  Have you seen Cammeron?!

DEREK:  No I haven’t man.

STACEY (O/S):  Hey Daddy!

He turns and faces her.

DEREK:  (pointing his finger) Stay away.

STACEY:  Don’t you point your finger at me.

DEREK:  I’m serious, Stacey!  Stay away.

STACEY:  What are you gonna do?!  Hit me?!  Kick me as I roll on the ground?!

DEREK:  Yeah.

DEREK’S POV.  He looks over to the kegs.  Through the sliding glass window, he sees Seth taking a tap hit off the keg.  All the guys in the b.g., INCLUDING DANNY, count and cheer.

STACEY (O.S.):  I have a secret that I have to tell you.

DEREK:  (staring at Seth and Danny) No.

STACEY (O.S.):  Read my lips then.

Derek looks back at Stacey.  She says the three magical words to Derek by moving her big, red luscious lips.  "I LOVE YOU."

DEREK:  You’ve got terrible taste.

STACEY:  (examining him) Is that blood?

He sees the skins forming a group to approach him so he walks the other way, ignoring her and them.


Seth continues his tap hit while all the other skins count in the background.  Derek walks out and watches Dan pump the keg.

ET AL:  Forty-five!  Forty-six!  Forty-seven…!

Seth takes his mouth off the tap and belches like a pig.  All the guys laugh.

SETH:  (grabbing Danny) Why the fuck did you pump it?!  I coulda gone for a minute at least!

Danny looks over and meets eyes with a bloody Derek.  He FREEZES while everyone turns to look Derek over.

DEREK:  take your hands off him, Seth.

Seth sees blood on Derek’s face and shirt and DRAWS HIS PISTOL.  He points it at Derek’s head from four feet away.

SETH:  Where’s Cammeron?

Derek stares directly into the BARREL of Seth’s pistol.

DANNY:  (frightened) Seth, man!?  What are you doing?

STACEY:  Put it down, Seth!

SETH:  Don’t test me, Vinyard.  Where the fuck did that blood come from?!

DEREK:  Go ahead and shoot me, Seth.  It wouldn’t be the first time you fired shots at me.

Seth puts the gun directly to Derek’s cool head.

SETH:  What are you talking about?

DEREK:  (in front of everyone) You were driving, Seth.  I know.  It was you and Cammeron.

Danny watches and listens in denial.  Seth nods and smiles.

SETH:  So what now then?  A phone call to the cops?  Tell them all about the blow and how Dan covered your sorry ass.

DEREK:  (turning back to Dan) Did you get all of that?

Seth glances over to a nodding DANNY.  The second he takes his eyes off of Derek, Derek grabs the pistol.  A shot goes off and people hit the deck.  Derek wrestles the pistol away and kicks Seth in the STOMACH.  Falling to the ground in pain, Derek cracks him in the face with his fist TWICE and it’s over.

TIGHT ON DEREK.  He turns with the pistol, takes the clip out and walks over to Danny.

DEREK:  Take a good look around, man.

He makes his way over to Stacey, hands her the pistol, and launches the clip over a fence.

The entire party watches Derek exit the party.

INT. BATHROOM – Cassandra

She walks in Cammeron’s small bathroom and looks at Cammeron, bleeding and moaning in the tub.  All wasted, she starts to LAUGH.

CASSANDRA:  You got fuckin’ guests out there, Cam.


He makes his way down the dark street.


Stacey, the gun tucked in her buttocks, helps Seth inside the house.  Inside, Dan sees Cassandra pull glass out of Cam’s forehead with a pair of tweezers.  To the right, JASON smokes CRACK from a pipe with two other skins.  Danny walks in the house, looks back at the pathetic crowd, and bolts with his skateboard.



It flies down the street.  The board conquers the cracks in the street at an incredible rate.  It turns a tight corner, cuts off a turning car, and suddenly STOPS ON A DIME.

Danny spots his brother walking twenty yards up on the left-hand side of the street and slowly follows from across the way.


Derek steps across the SLEEPING HOMELESS as he walks down the street by himself.

DANNY’S POV.  Approaching Derek from THIRY YARDS away and two animated black men.  Derek reaches behind him and realizes he’s without a gun.

Paranoid, Derek sticks his hand in his jacket and pretends to be armed.  The three men cross paths.  The two laughing black men are in SUITS with BRIEFCASES.

BLACK MAN:  What’s going’ on?

DEREK:  Not much.

Derek looks back at them as they pass and exhales.  He spots Danny from across the street, staring and skating from behind.  Derek stops, sits on a BUS STOP BENCH next to an old man, and waits.  Danny crosses the street and barely avoids a collision with an oncoming Caddy.

DEREK:  (yelling) You’re gonna get nailed on that thing one of these days!

DANNY:  (approaching) I haven’t yet.

DEREK:  Your trucks are loose as shit.  I can see that from here.

Danny sits next to him on the bench and offers him a CIGARETTE.  The two have a smoke.

DANNY:  (exhaling) Why didn’t you tell me?

DEREK:  I thought you knew.

DANNY:  If I knew…I could’ve done something.

Cars and street hoods with CHANGE CANS	 randomly pass by.

DEREK:  Like what, Dan?  Rat them out?  No.

DANNY:  (teary eyed) What is it, Der.  Tell me…cause…I want to understand this shit.

Derek takes an extra long drag off his cigarette, thinks to himself, and stares at his brother.

DEREK:  What is it?  I fucking lost Dan…the minute I killed those guys.  And I couldn’t fight anymore because all of my energy…all of my fucking hate…everything man…had just…  (looking for the words) I looked at them as animals, Dan.  I did.  But I learned a lot in there.  I found out what it was all about.  I thought about what they thought of me and I realized…I was the same animal.  (after a beat) Shit happens to you when you hate.  The worst shit imaginable.

The two rub heads and Dan puts his arm around his sullen brother.

DEREK:  You with me on that?

Danny nods.

DEREK:  Good.

Danny squeezes tight and Derek kisses him on the top of the head.

DEREK:  (softly recollecting) You reap what you sow, Dan.



SETH:  He won’t be able to fuckin’ walk when I’m done with him.

CAMMERON:  Yeah, right.

SETH:  Fuck you, I’m serious.

CAMMERON:  What’ve you been smokin’, Seth?  Derek would kick your ass so quick it wouldn’t be funny.  (then, sincerely) we’re gonna have to kill him.



Danny skates up to the front gate and looks at them.

COP #1:  How the hell…?

Derek slaps the roof on the passenger side and scares the hell out of the officers.

COP #2:  son of a bitch!

DEREK:  Pretty shitty assignment.

COP #2:  No shit.

COP #1:  Out of respect for your father, though.

DEREK:  Oh yeah?  What do you know about my father?

The two men sit there speechless as Derek walks over to an awaiting Danny.


She snores on the couch.  The clock on the wall reads eleven as the boys ENTER.  Davina awakens from her chair, delirious.

DAVINA:  Hello?

DEREK:  It’s okay, Davina.


Danny turns on the computer while Derek gets undressed and tends to his lip.

DORIS (O.S.):  (half asleep) Goodnight boys.

TOGETHER:  Goodnight Mom.



Derek stares at himself as he takes out his CONTACT LENSES, a million thoughts racing through his head.  He looks at all of his tattoos and SCARS.  He twists to look at a huge scar on his lower right back.

TIGHT ON HIS UPPER BODY.  He stares at the SWASTIKA on his tit.  He puts his hand over the tattoo to see what he looks like without it.  He turns on the shower and gets inside.


As he soaps himself down, the soap slips out of his hand and sits on the bottom of the tub.  He looks at it a long hard time before he bends over to pick it up.  He immerses his face into the shower faucet and slowly begins to cry.



Derek lies on the tile floor, crying.  The gigantic WHITE ARYAN friend of STEVIE MCCORMICK and a gigantic BLACK INMATE walk off with towels around their waist, satisfied.  The white trash Aryan whips his wet towel and it smack Derek.

WHITE ARYAN:  Thanks Peckerwood.  That was nice.

The two exit and laugh.


Derek sits on the bed on ALL FOURS as a middle-aged Latino examines his rear end.  The hospital ID shows his picture and DR. EDUARDO AGUILAR printed below.

AGUILAR:  Well…you got some tearing down here.  You’re gonna need a few stitches.  Lay back down.

Dr. Aguilar clicks off his light and prepares to inject Derek in the ass.

SWEENEY (O.S.):  Well…I tried to save your ass.