Brian Johnston (keyboards)

Brian Johnston (sometimes spelled as Johnson or Johnstone) has played in several great bands. Let's see:

In September 1976, the lineup for Streetwalkers was:

They released a new studio album, Vicious but fair, and a double live album, Streetwalkers live, before splitting during 1977. Then, he joined singer Phil May (from Pretty Things fame), in a band called Phil May & The Fallen Angels, around July 1977:
In January 1978, Brian (as well as old mate Dave Dowle) joined a new band assembled by David Coverdale. The band was Whitesnake.
But Brian left them in March 1978, after a short tour (being replaced by Pete Solley), without having recorded with them.

In September 1978, he joins Phil May & The Fallen Angels again, for a tour:

but, after his stay in Roger Chapman & The Shortlist, I haven't known more from him. Can anybody help, please?

Albums with Streetwalkers:

Albums with Phil May & The Fallen Angels: Albums with Roger Chapman & The Shortlist: Sessions:
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From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

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