Very good bassist, he has always been 'hidden' inside many great bands, and although maybe he's not so known as many other colleagues, I think he deserves to be included here, so... here he is!!


This band was active around 1965, and it was commanded by keyboardist Victor Brox, who later was in Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, and also played with Alexis Korner, as well as appearing in the original recording of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Andy Pyle was a member of the band, but don't know about other musicians. Help, please!


Don't know the exact period when they started playing together.

With the addition of a singer, they changed their name to McGregor's Engine, in January 1967.


In January 1967 it was formed this blues band as a quartet.

But after a few weeks, the singer leaves. A trio, a very usual lineup for a blues-rock band those days. :)

But the band breaks in November 1967, when Abrahams and Bunker are called to form a new (fantastic) band, Jethro Tull.


When Mick Abrahams left Jethro Tull, in November 1968, he again calls Andy to be in his brand new band.

They released two albums, Ahead rings out and Getting to this. But in September 1970, the leader Mick Abrahams leaves them to form his own Mick Abrahams Band. A good new guy comes here, Peter Banks (the original guitarist in Yes). But, very soon, Banks leave them to form Flash. A new guy comes, Larry Wallis (later in UFO and Motorhead), and they change their name to...

They started under the name Lancaster's Bombers, and later they shortened it to Lancaster, thus demonstrating who was the leader in the band. In December 1970, Andy Pyle finds his new band, the historical Savoy Brown.


Andy joins here in January 1971.

But Andy only stayed 4 months in the band, until April 1971.


This band, at this time, contained none of the original members (watch my page on Chris Mercer for more details about the band). In July 1971, Andy joins the band.

They were joined by Moody's friend, Bernie Marsden. But Marsden stay in the band was really brief, being substituted by another guitarist: But they finally returned to a quintet soon after. This lineup released next album, Pieces (recorded in December 1971, and produced by Bruce Rowlands). The album included some guests: Ian McLagan (keyboards), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Albert Lee (backing vocals) and Chas Hodges (backing vocals). This was followed by Andy's departure in June 1972, being replaced in the band by Chris Stewart.

SAVOY BROWN (again!)  

And then, Andy joins again Savoy Brown in June 1972, recovering his old role (filled meanwhile by Andy Silvester, who came from Chicken Shack)!! The lineup is the same as in 1971.

This time, Andy recorded material with the band, the album Lion's share. But very soon, in September 1972, the lineup changes. Dave Walker goes to Fleetwood Mac (he even joined later Black Sabbath for a short stint), and Dave Bidwell dies of heroin overdose. Here it appears Andy's colleague, Ron Berg, plus a great character, Jackie Lynton. They released one album, Jack the toad. They toured supporting Status Quo, what made a great friendship between Lynton and the Quo boys.

In January 1974, Kim Simmonds reforms the whole lineup, for his Boogie Brothers famous lineup (check out my Miller Anderson bio page). And Andy repeats band, Blodwyn Pig again!

BLODWYN PIG (again)  

The original lineup (minus Berg, substituted by former mate Clive Bunker) re-formed for a tour, in February 1974.

They didn't record material. If I'm not wrong, they came to play in Madrid, Spain in order to record a live album, which didn't happen, thus dissolving in July 1974. But in 1997, I've seen there has been released a Live in Madrid album, under the name Mick Abrahams, but it will be probably the same recording, I'm not sure, because I don't have this album. Any help?

Where was he?  

Sorry, I don't know where Andy was from July 1974 till March 1976. Anybody knows?


Alvin Lee was (and still is) the superb guitarist and singer in the fantastic Ten Years After. When the band first dissolved, he formed his own band under the name Alvin & Co., with great musicians. Andy joined him in March 1976.

They released an album, Pump iron!, with lots of guests: Boz Burrell (bass, from Bad Company), Steven Thompson (bass, from Stone the Crows), Mel Collins (sax), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards, from Stone the Crows), Ian Wallace (drums, from King Crimson), and two former Andy colleagues from Blodwyn Pig: Jack Lancaster and Ron Berg. But in July 1976, Alvin changes the musicians, and Pyle leaves the band.

This lineup also recorded another album, Saguitar, but it remained unreleased. Later, it was released under the name Let it rock.


In November 1976, he joins The Kinks (one of my all-time favourite bands. I've just bought their last album, and they're in as good shape as they were in 1964!).

Pyle is invited to play in a track in the album Sleepwalker, because his former bassist John Dalton, left the band before it was finished. After the release of the album, Andy is included as a full member. They made some tours.

They only released an album with this lineup, Misfits (although the bass parts in 3 songs are played by Ron Lawrence). My favourite songs in this album are "Misfits", "Live life" and "Trust your heart".

But in February 1978, both Gosling and Pyle leave the band together to form their own group.

Come dancing with the Kinks: the best of The Kinks 1977-1986 is a compilation originally released as a 2LP with 18 tracks. The CD reissue is missing 3 tracks, in order to fit into 1CD. It contains previously released material, but of important note is that there is a song only released as a single, 'Father Christmas', and a rare track, 'Long distance'. As the period covered spawns through different Kinks lineups, I must say that other musicians appearing includes Ron Lawrence (bass), Alan Holmes (sax), John Beecham (trombone), Nick Newell (keyboards, sax), Nick Trevisik (drums), Clem Cattini (drums), plus future members Jim Rodford (bass), Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Bob Henrit (drums).


Working under this name, Pyle and Gosling tried with this lineup:

and finally, Dennis Stratton didn't stay in the group (he went later to Iron Maiden, and Lionheart with Rocky Newton and Frank Noon). When they got the final lineup, they decided to change their name to Network.


Formed in May 1978, under the ashes of United.

They recorded an album, but it remained unreleased for some reason. They split around 1979.

[By the way, now Graham Foster lives in Gandia, Spain (where I lived for two years). He retired there, giving guitar lessons, and then he formed a band with other veteran British rockers, Major Blues Band. Now he has left that band, and leads his own Graham Foster's Night Train.]


Gary and Andy had played together in a collective album, Peter and the wolf (as we can read in the sessions page), in 1975. In November 1980, Gary Moore assembles a band to play four gigs. Three of them were at The Marquee in London.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

There's a live album from those concerts. It's called Live (at the Marquee), and it was recorded on November 5/6, 1980.


Another historical blues band. After the separation of Network, he joins this band, which then included a veteran, Ric Lee (drummer in Ten Years After).

They played in Reading Festival 1981. They released a live album, Roadie's concerto, before leaving the band in May 1982. But he was to remain with Stan Webb in his next venture.


Some years after they had shared the stage in Savoy Brown, Stan Webb called Miller Anderson again, to join his band. This still was in 1982.

Stan Webb (guitar, vocals)
Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals)
Andy Pyle (bass)
Russ Adler (drums)
I don't have more info about how long Andy stayed in the band. Help, please!

Where was he?  

Again, I don't have details of Andy's musical ventures from 1982 to 1986. Help, please!!


After several changes in their lineups, Andy joins superb band Wishbone Ash in February 1986.

(Andy is hidden after Andy Powell, but he was there!)

They played in Spain with this lineup. But in December 1987, Pyle and Crompton leave the band, without ever recording.

BLODWYN PIG (again and again!)  

The countless resurrections of Blodwyn Pig. Mick Abrahams decides in December 1988 to re-form again the band. The initial idea was to perform only a gig, but success followed, and they stayed together.

They released a new album, called All said and done. A magnificent album! Some of my favourite songs are: 'Black night' (with a superb sax solo), 'All tore down' (with a very lovely Peter Green-like flavour), Alexis Korner's 'I wonder who' (wow, what a rendition!!!).

Around 1989, the horn section changes completely:

But in 1990, Andy Pyle leaves again the band, in order to join Gary Moore.

There's another Blodwyn Pig album, Lies (1993), where Pyle is not part of the lineup, but it includes some older live tracks, where Pyle appears.


This super band was assembled by Bernie Marsden, to promote his own tribute to Peter Green, Green & Blues. In Bernie's own words: "Green & Blues All Stars is me and whoever I take on the night". So, there were different musicians. Some of them were (not all together, of course):
Bernie Marsden (guitar)
Micky Moody (guitar)
Snowy White (guitar)
Colin Hodgkinson (bass)
Andy Pyle (bass)
David Levy (bass)
Tony Ashton (keyboards)
Don Airey (keyboards)
horn section & backing singers


Fantastic guitarist Ray Minhinnett assembled a superb blues band:

Ray Minhinnett (guitar, vocals)
Andy Pyle (bass)
Chris Parren (keyboards)
Graham Walker (drums)
The Q-Tips Horns (5 musicians)
Later, Chris Parren was replaced by Don Airey: Ray Minhinnett (guitar, vocals)
Andy Pyle (bass)
Don Airey (keyboards)
Graham Walker (drums)
The Q-Tips Horns (5 musicians)
But, this band was approached by Gary Moore, who took them with him, renaming the band as The Midnight Blues Band, as we're going to read right now.


When Gary Moore gave this 180 degrees change in his career, from hard rock to blues, he got again Andy as bassist. He first plays in the Still got the blues album, which hasn't a stable lineup, although the most usual is:

Lots of great musicians here: Bob Daisley (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), Nicky Hopkins (keyboards), Brian Downey (drums, from Thin Lizzy), George Harrison (guitar), and the veteran blues artists Albert King and Albert Collins. With a horn section in several tracks: Frank Mead, Nick Pentelow, Nick Payn, and Martin Drover. The album is dedicated to Peter Green.

In next Gary Moore album, After hours, Andy doesn't play, but he's included in the 'Special thanks' section. But he's again in the Gary Moore band (usually named Gary Moore and The Midnight Blues Band) very soon:

In April 1990, the lineup is:

For some concerts, they were joined by the late Albert Collins, who appeared as a guest in Gary's blues albums.

The tour finished in September 1990.

Next lineup to appear was in March 1992:

(from left to right: Andy Pyle, Tommy Eyre and Gary Moore)

The tour finished in November 1992. From that tour, it has been released a live album, Blues alive. Includes a guest appearance from Albert Collins in one song. All the material is blues, except a beautiful rendition of Gary's own "Parisienne walkways".

In July 1993, there's a new tour with a smaller lineup (no horn section):

They played that month in Spain. The tour finished in August 1993.

In April 1995, after some adventures with Jack Bruce, Gary Moore resurrects his Midnight Blues Band, with his friends:

Gary's next album is a full tribute to Peter Green, including Peter Green's original songs as well as a version that Peter played with Fleetwood Mac, the beautiful 'Need your love so bad'. Its title is Blues for Greeny.

There was also released a live video from the subsequent tour. Called Blues for Greeny live (1996, Warner), it was recorded on April 27, 1995.

But Gary's next step was another great change. He leaves the blues direction, turning into a more poppy style, and Andy doesn't stay in his band.

WISHBONE ASH (again)  

As well as being with Gary Moore, Andy Pyle was (again) in Wishbone Ash since October 1991.

They released a live album, Live in Chicago, which was included in a pack with a book, "The Illustrated Collector's Guide to Wishbone Ash", by Andy Powell himself. In February 1994, the whole lineup is substituted except the leader Andy Powell. He left the band in 1994.


Sorry, I don't know details about this band. I only saw an ad for them, with these names:

Can anyone provide some info, please?

JUICY LUCY (again!)  

And a surprising move. In 1997, Micky Moody decides to re-form Juicy Lucy again. Andy Pyle is also involved in the project, which has just released a new studio album, Blue Thunder, but Andy doesn't play in the album.

But, as currently, Micky Moody is involved in another project (The Snakes), I guess Juicy Lucy aren't active. So, where's Andy? Help, please!


Press here to read about Andy Pyle sessions

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Thanks to: Alex Gitlin for the Juicy Lucy info and albums.


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