Great bassist, Chris Glen was born on November 11 (or November 6?), 1950 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland.


First I know from Chris is that he was in this band, with Jim Diamond, later to be more known in Bandit or Ph.D.


Around 1968, this band, that later evolved into Tear Gas, was very known in its homebase, Glasgow.


They were basically Mustard, although they had some changes:

After releasing their first album, Piggy go getter, in 1970, they change the lineup again: Sometime later, David Batchelor left the band (although he'll keep in touch with them, as we'll see), being replaced by Ted's brother, Hugh. After their second album, Tear Gas, they perform a vital step, teaming in August 1972 with the great singer Alex Harvey, resulting in the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.


Well, they deserved that name.

They were a very stable lineup, from August 1972 to August 1977. They released eight albums with the same musicians.

Framed, their first album, contained the collaboration of Phil Kenzie on sax (later with Rod Stewart). With a cover of Willie Dixon's blues "I just want to make love to you".

For if someone wants to know, my Spanish LP copy of their album Next was butchered without including the title track, the Jacques Brel song "Next".

The impossible dream has excellent songs, as well as a rendition of "The impossible dream", from the musical score "Man of La Mancha". My favourite songs are the terrific 'Vambo', 'Tomahawk kid' and the beautiful oldie-flavoured 'Sergeant Fury'.

Tomorrow belongs to me is produced by old bandmate David Batchelor.

Live contained a weird rendition of Tom Jones 'Delilah'.

Their next album, The penthouse tapes, also contained several covers: 'Goodnight Irene' (by Huddie Leadbetter), 'Cheek to cheek' (by Irving Berlin), 'Runaway' (by Del Shannon), 'School's out' (by Alice Cooper), and a live track. B.J. Cole appears in one track playing pedal steel guitar.

Along the years, two live albums have been released:


BBC Radio One in concert, contains tracks from two different performances. One is from Paris Theatre in London, in 1972. And some other tracks are taken from 1973. Surprisingly, these 1973 tracks don't include Hugh McKenna on keyboards, but John Martin. Why? Can someone give me some info about it, please? The album is fantastic, with superb renditions of 'The faith healer' and 'Midnight Moses'.

Live on the Test contains live archives from the 'Old Grey Whistle Test' programme, hosted by the 'Whispering' Bob Harris, through the years, from 1973 through 1977.


You can guess by their name:

In 1976, Alex was hospitalized due to some health problems, and the band continued without him. They released an album, Fourplay but Alex was brought back again a year later.


(from left to right: Chris Glen, Zal Cleminson, Alex Harvey)
Together again!! Finally, in August 1977, Hugh McKenna leaves the band, being substituted by a great player, Tommy Eyre. After a new album, Rock drill, in October 1977, Alex leaves again. But the main core of the band stayed together.


It was November 1977, and Zal was the new leader, because he was the most famous face in the band (probably, due to makeup).

After a British tour, they abandon the idea in April 1978.

Where was he?

I don't know what Chris did between April 1978 and August 1980. Any help?


WOW! I still remember when I read about this new band. A superb lineup!

(from left to right: Chris Glen, Paul Raymond, Michael Schenker, Cozy Powell, Gary Barden)

Michael Schenker gained his reputation as the guitarist in UFO, although he was before in another great band, Scorpions. When he left UFO, tried to form his own band (more details in my page about Denny Carmassi), but his first solo album is recorded with session musicians. After that album, he forms his live band in August 1980.

They recorded a studio album, called MSG, on Spring 1981, and later they released a fantastic live album One night at Budokan (originally a 2LP, now a 1CD but the Chrysalis CD edition misses one lenghty track, "But I want more", and all the fantastic inner photos, so beware!), recorded on August 12, 1981. They were dynamite live. But Michael Schenker never retained his musicians for a long time, and in November 1981, Raymond and Barden are fired. They remain as a quartet in February 82, where an old Cozy bandmate appears here, Graham Bonnet.

But Cozy starts having problem with Michael Schenker, and finally leaves, in April 1982, being substituted by old Chris mate, Ted McKenna. The SAHB rhythm section together again!

(from left to right: Graham Bonnet, Chris Glen, Michael Schenker, Ted McKenna)
(click here for a bigger image, 63 Kbs)

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

They record a new album, Assault attack, with former colleague Tommy Eyre guesting on keyboards, but even before it was released, Bonnet is fired from the band in August 1982. Gary Barden comes back to his former role.

Just some days after Barden is back, they played in Reading Festival, with a superb performance. A song from this set can be found in the collective 2LP, Reading rock (the track is "Attack of the mad axeman"). They had a hidden keyboardist, but I don't know who he was (maybe Tommy Eyre or Andy Nye?).

Soon after, same year, Andy Nye is an official member of the band:

During the 1982 tour, it was recorded a BBC concert, that later was released in 1993 as BBC Radio One live in concert.

They tried to release Built to destroy, but the album was remastered in New York, with another guitarist added in some tracks, the great Derek St. Holmes. So, as far as I know, there must be two different editions: the European one, as a quintet, and the American one, with St. Holmes added in some tracks.

Built to destroy was finally released. This lineup toured in Spain, but not in my city :(

They released another live album, Rock will never die, with guest appearances by Scorpions guys Klaus Meine and Rudolph Schenker. And after only two months in the band, Derek St. Holmes is fired from the band, and his photo isn't present in the live album. But this was the beginning of several changes, and soon after, the whole lineup is out of the band. Michael starts from the beginning, but that's another story, that will be covered in a forthcoming page about Rocky Newton.


In 1984, rock magazines announced that Chris was putting together a band with Brian Robertson and Phil Taylor, both ex-Motorhead, and that they were searching for a lead singer.

The following news were that Brian Robertson was fired from the band, and the new members were Robin McAuley (vocals, ex-Grand Prix) and Mick O'Donaghue (guitar, ex-Grand Prix). They started under the name Operator, soon to be changed for the new name GMT. They released their first single, "One to one" in 1985, for the Belgian label Mausoleum. I think they finally released a CD, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know?

Where was he?

Next I know from Chris was in an interview to Brian Robertson in August 1987 in a Spanish magazine. He told that Chris was working as cab driver in London. Was it true? I don't know more things from Chris until 1990.


Next time I find Chris was in the brand new band assembled by Ian Gillan to promote his solo album Naked thunder (although Chris doesn't play in it), released on July 1990.

As Ian Gillan said in an interview, "Chris and Ted are virtually the same person, after so many years working together". They made their first tour, in Russia, and later, they played in Spain in October.


The Party Boys started off when Ted approached Zal Cleminson and keyboard Player Ronnie Leahy (ex Stone The Crows with Jimmy McCulloch, Tandoori Cassette, now in Nazareth), and originally the bass and vocals were guests. At their peek, the bassist had stabalised as Chris Glen and Nazareth's Dan McCafferty was appearing regularly. Fish (ex Marrillion) also guested a few times. Ronnie left when the whole idea of SAHB came in. Around this transformation time, old bandate Billy Rankin also sang for them.


Finally, in 1993, they changed their name into this one again, but the original lineup minus Alex Harvey, who sadly died on February 4, 1982, in Zeebruggen, Belgium, while he was on tour.

They released a live album, Live in Glasgow 1993, after dissolving again.

Where is he now?

I don't know!! HELP, please!!!! He's too good to be inactive!!!!


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