Amazing and very powerful drummer. I don't have biography details (where he was born, when, etc.). Any help?


Ronnie Montrose is a great guitarist that played with great musicians (Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs and Edgar Winter). He was approached to join Mott the Hoople in 1973, but instead, he formed his own band, Montrose.

But the band suffered many personnel changes. They release a 2nd album, Paper money. And Sammy Hagar leaves to start his own solo career, as we'll read here later. The band in 1975 is formed by: After a new album, Warner Bros presents Montrose, Alan Fitzgerald quits, being substituted by former Johnny Winter bassist, Randy Jo Hobbs. They release another album, Jump on it, and Denny finally reunites with Sammy Hagar


After two solo albums, Sammy Hagar finally reunited the complete Montrose band under his name (except Ronnie, of course).

They released their first album, Musical chairs. The CD edition contains a bonus track, a rendition of Otis Redding's '(Sitting on) The dock of the bay'.

It was followed by a very powerful live album, All night long.


This power trio was formed around 1979 by two ex-members of Ted Nugent band, the great Derek St. Holmes and Rob Grange. They joined Denny in this short-lived band.

They only released an album, St. Paradise, with help from John Corey (keyboards), and Denny left them.

I have a question. If they really were a trio, is this photo an error? The magazine where I found it, stated that it's a photo from St. Paradise. Can anyone help me?


After leaving Scorpions for a second time, Michael Schenker wanted to start his solo career. He assembled a superb lineup.

They recorded some demos, but finally, they split, so Schenker and Barden recorded their first album with famed sessionmen (Mo Foster, Don Airey and Simon Phillips).


In 1980, Ronnie Montrose tried to get together his former bandmates, plus a new lead singer, Davey Pattison, but Denny wasn't in the initial lineup. After the first album, Denny finally joins Ronnie again, replacing original drummer Skip Gillette.

They release Gamma 2, produced by Gary Lyons, and sometime later, Jim Alcivar (who had been with Ronnie during many years) leaves, being substituted by Mitchell Froom, currently a famed producer.

They released a final album, called Gamma 3. Years later, it was released the compilation The best of Gamma.

I read in a Spanish magazine in 1981 that the band was working in the soundtrack for the movie Powderheads, and producing the band Wyoming Flesh, but I've never read more things about it. Does anybody know?


This magnificent band, commanded by sisters Ann & Nancy Wilson, reformed their lineup around 1983, when Denny joined them.

Their first album with this stable lineup was Passionworks, recorded with help from members of Toto, keyboardists David Paich and Steve Porcaro.

Next album, Heart contained guest appearances by Jefferson Starship members Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas on vocals.

The Bad animals album also contained some guest appearances, for example, the prolific Mike Moran (keyboards) (watch my page about John Gustafson for more details about Mike Moran).

Brigade is a great album, with some fantastic rockers and ballads. With Kim Bullard on keyboards, and producer Richie Zito playing some guitar in one song. My favourite songs are "Secret", "I didn't want to need you", "The night" and "Stranded".

Next album had to be a live one. Rock the house live!, recorded in November 1990.

Sometime later, bassist Mark Andes leaves the band. For the next studio album, Desire walks on, they get Schuyler Deale on bass, but I don't know if he was only hired, or really part of the band. Can anybody help, please?

Ah! My Spanish edition of this CD includes two additional tracks, sung in Spanish (yeah!!). 13 tracks plus 2 (I hope I don't miss some of the original songs!!). The Spanish versions are "La mujer que hay en mi" and "Te quedaras (en la mañana)" [that is, "The woman in me" and "Will you be there (in the morning)"].

And next member to leave this great band is Denny.


The rumours of a possible team between David Coverdale and Jimmy Page started around 1991, but it finally didn't materialized until 1992. In 1993, they recorded their only album, Coverdale/Page. The album was recorded with Jorge Casas (bass) and Denny Carmassi (drums), with additional help from John Harris (harmonica), Lester Mendez (keyboards), Ricky Phillips (bass), Tommy Funderbunk (backing vocals), John Sambataro (backing vocals). I like the album a lot, some people say it has lack of ideas, but the performances are really powerful, especially Denny on drums. He's going to blow the speakers. Listen to Denny in songs like "Shake my tree", "Waiting on you", "Feeling hot" or the superb "Absolution blues". WOW!!

In December 1993, they assemble a (superb) live band for touring.


In June 1994, after the split of Coverdale/Page, Coverdale assembles a new edition of Whitesnake, taking Denny with him.

They tour until October 1994, when the project is 'frozen' again. In October 1995, Coverdale gets the complete Coverdale/Page live band (except Jimmy Page, of course, plus Adrian Vandenberg) to record a new album. That new album is Restless heart, and it was released under the name "David Coverdale & Whitesnake". The Japanese edition has (as always) three bonus tracks, including a superb instrumental, "Oi".

Finally, in August 1997, David Coverdale unveils the live band who presumedly will feature the last tour under the Whitesnake monicker. The usual team Adrian-Denny, plus Derek Hilland (from the mythical band Iron Butterfly), the fantastic Tony Franklin and guitarist Steve Farris.

They toured all over the world, including Spain. Now, we're waiting to know if Whitesnake will stay together (Yes, please!!!).

And now? 

I haven't read about Denny Carmassi since the Whitesnake tour finished. Does anybody know about his current projects, please?


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