I'll be including here some messages from his fellow friends and musicians, as a last tribute to Cozy.

Carmine Appice

Cozy was one of Rock's greatest drummers and a great guy...we used hang out together in the early 70's he was a really nice guy..he created many great drum parts for some classic songs......He credits read like rock history ....he knew everyone ...I and all his fans will miss him...Carmine Appice

Carmine Appice is a legendary drummer who has developed a superb career along many years. Many groups have been lucky to have him playing: Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck Bogert & Appice, Rod Stewart, Ted Nugent, Ozzy Osbourne, King Kobra, and lately, World Classic Rockers. To know more about his long story, check out his own site at

Vinny Appice

I just returned from Canada, I was there for 2 weeks and I only heard the news about Cozy last weekend.

Cozy was a great drummer with a unique style and sound which is two of the hardest things to accomplish as a musician. He was also a great showman combining cool visual and sound effects within his solos.

I am really sad to hear the news of his death it is shocking.

He will be missed!

Vinny Appice

Vinny Appice is a great drummer who has been involved in great bands. He started his career playing in some John Lennon projects, and he was the original drummer in superb Derringer band. Later, he commanded his own bands, such as Axxis, until he was approached by Black Sabbath. After a while, Ronnie James Dio and Vinny left to form new band Dio. After many years, he developed another project, WWIII, after returning to Black Sabbath, and again Dio. To know more about his long story, check out his own site at

Eric Singer

I was shocked to hear of his death !!

Cozy was a MAJOR influence to me as a drummer growing up starting with his work with Jeff Beck Group.I think the first time I heard Cozy was on the album Rough & Ready.Iwas fortunate to see him with Rainbow on the Rainbow Rising Tour ! I;ll never forget his Red Sparkle Double Bass Ludwig Kit !!!! Loved his work with Michael Shenker also! I had the pleasure of meeting Cozy in 1987 while I was on tour with Gary Moore at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.(I had rented Cozy's drum cases for the Wild Frontier Tour) He was always a very gracious man.The last time I saw Cozy was in L.A. at the Palace while he was playing with Brian May.We spoke after the show and as usual he was very gracious, and I was flattered by the compliments that he gave to me!!! I will always cherish those kind of moments. He truly was one of the pioneers of Hard Rock Drumming and a GREAT influence to many a drummer !!

Eric Singer

Eric Singer has a great curriculum, having played as a drummer with great bands and singers, such as Lita Ford, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore (I saw him live in Madrid in 1987, GREAT concert!!!), Badlands, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, and finally, KISS. Finally, he played with Brian May Band for next tour, and now he's touring with his own band. To know more about his interesting career, check out his own site at (Thanks to Kai Roen for help).

Bobby Rock

I'll never forget buying "Rainbow Rising" and putting it on the turntable for the first time. Holy shit! I bought it as a devoted Deep Purple fan, but was quickly grabbing for the cover to find out who was playing drums. It was, of course, Cozy, and I was blown away by both his playing and his sound.

A few months later, I caught Rainbow at the local arena there in Houston, Texas and had a chance to see "the man" first hand. Again, I was knocked out. He played with a lot of power and feel and could groove and solo his ass off. Through the years, I always enjoyed his playing.

The biggest testament to Cozy's drumming is his resume. This can be a pretty brutal business, but Cozy continually worked, and with some real heavy- hitters. Also, I dig the fact that he stepped forward and did some solo records, as well. I think it's important that we drummers always try to keep the drums "out front." And that, he did.

My love and prayers go out to Cozy, as well as his family, friends and fans as he makes the transition to "the Great Beyond." He'll be sadly missed...

Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock is a great drummer who has performed with Rare Earth, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Nelson, and the superb team Garsed/Helmerich. He currently tours teaming with guitar virtuoso Neil Zaza. To know more about his interesting career, check out his own site at

John West

The loss of Cozy Powell seems so unreal, even now. I was devastated by the news. Cozy was like family to me. He was one of those people you meet in this business who is genuine,someone you could really talk to. His drumming was like pure THUNDER and he had a great big 'ol heart! He'd ring up and talk to the wife for ten minutes about nothing and then ask for me. He always took the time to be cool to people backstage, or wherever.

I was a huge fan of Cozy's before we ever worked together, and an even bigger one after. I recorded about twenty songs with Cozy in 1994. The tracks were for a new solo record that has yet to be released.

Cozy called me on the day he died. We talked for about a half-hour about the album coming out this year, and possibly touring to support it. He was thrilled for me to be number 14 in the Burrn reader's poll in Japan. And I was equally thrilled to see him voted number 1 . We talked about his dirt-bike injury that kept him off the Yngwie tour. I thought to myself how accident prone he was, and wanted to tell him to "be careful". But, I didn't.

Cozy loved fast cars, and fast bikes. This is a man who died doing something he LOVED to do ---go fast! His musical legacy is immense. His spirit lives on.

When I hear the thunder, I'll know you are still at it. We miss 'ya and love 'ya. Cheers, Mate.

John West

John West is a vocalist whose first famous band was Badlands. As you can read in his message, Cozy worked with him in his own solo album in 1994, unfortunately still unreleased. His current band is called Artension. He already has released several superb solo albums. To know more about his interesting career, check out his own website at

Bobby Tench

I was greatly saddened to hear of Cozy's death. I will remember him for his love of fast cars and of course the sessions we had way back with Jeff Beck and on various occasions in the years afterwards. The chequered flag was always up for Cozy and god bless him. Rest in peace maestro. Bob Tench.

Bobby Tench is a superb vocalist and guitarist, who played with Cozy in Jeff Beck Group. You can visit my pages about Bobby Tench in this website, and you can write to for further information, tours. This is the e-mail address of Bob Tench Management. (Special thanks to Michael Peto-Shepherd for help here).

Don Airey

Cozy's passing was a terrible shock. Nothing has seemed quite the same since. He was a great friend to my wife and myself, and just about the best
musician I ever had the good fortune to work with. Always funny, full of ideas, and very professional. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Don Airey is one of the best keyboardists you can hear. He has played with lots of great bands and artists: Colosseum II, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Jethro Tull, Colin Blunstone, and currently in Company of Snakes. He played many times with Cozy (Cozy Powell's Hammer, Rainbow, and Cozy Powell and Friends) along the years. Don Airey has also released a solo album, K2, (with Cozy appearing there) that can only be ordered from his own website at

Eddie Hardin

I played with him in Switzerland in '94 I think it was, and that was the last time I saw him. I first met him when he was with Jeff Beck around '69/70 and found him a fearsome character though the last time he'd mellowed and both Liz (my wife) and I thought what a lovely Guy he was.

Eddie Hardin is a mythical keyboardist, singer and writer. He has played in Spencer Davis Group, formed his own duo Hardin-York, as well as Axis Point. He has a long career, with many solo albums; some of them are very famous, like the 'Wizard's Convention' albums, with all-star lineups. For complete details on him, check his official website at (run by my great friend Alex Gitlin).

This site is dedicated in loving memory of Cozy Powell. Long live rock'n'roll.

If you want to contribute, please, send me an e-mail message at

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