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Talented keyboardist, singer and songwriter. In his writing credits, we must remember the hit "Midnight at the lost and found" (by Meat Loaf). His complete name is Daniel Augusto Peyronel. He was born in Argentina, lived for some time in the US as a child, later moving to England, where he spent his formative career years in music. He has since lived in Madrid (!!!), Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. He is presently based in New York and Milan. An Italian national, he considers himself, primarily, a European citizen.
It was and is widely accepted that Danny was and is considered to be the 'junior' member in the Nicky Hopkins - Ian Stewart - Ian MacLagan 'gang' of honky-tonk-rocck'n'roll piano/Hammond B-3 specialists. The term 'junior' in this case, presumably indicating the fact that Danny was at least 10 years younger than the youngest member of this famed trio.
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(from left to right: Cosmo, Keith, Gary, Ronnie, Danny)

This band was formed by the late singer and actor Gary Holton, the guitarist Mickey Waller, bass player Ronnie Thomas, drummer Keith Boyce and Danny, around 1974.

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(from left to right: Ronnie, Mickey, Danny, Gary, Keith)

A short note: this guitarist is not the same Mickey Waller that I've covered in my pages. The one Mickey Waller I've covered is a drummer, while this one is guitarist.

(from left to right: Mickey, Gary, Keith, Ronnie, Danny)

They made one album with this lineup: Heavy Metal Kids (highly influential to the Punk movement started in 1977, and a prized collector item in Europe ever since).

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Later, they change guitarist:

They release their second album, Anvil chorus, although this one was released under the monicker The Kids. It featured Phil Kenzie (sax, from Rod Stewart band), and Madeline Bell on vocals.
(first photo: from left to right: Gary, Ronnie, Danny)
(second photo: from left to right: Danny, Ronnie, Gary)

In 1975, Peyronel leaves them, being replaced by John Sinclair (recommended by Danny, and later a member of Uriah Heep in their 1982 lineup).


One of my favourite bands! Danny joins UFO in September 1975. This was the first time UFO had a keyboardist in their lineup.

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They only recorded an album with Peyronel in the band, No heavy Petting. This album was produced by Leo Lyons (bassist in Ten Years After). It contains several of UFO all-time classics, like "Natural thing", "I'm a loser", as well as Peyronel's "Highway lady". "Can you roll her", also a Peyronel composition, and "Highway lady", were the only 2 singles ever to be released from this album, for the Japanese market. "Lady" also turned out to be the only UFO track to be included in a classic compilation double CD entitled Road songs, The Harley-Davidson story in the U.S.


Danny left the band in July 1976.

It has recently been released a live album from the period when Danny was in the band!! It's called "On with the action", and it was recorded live at The Roundhouse.


Danny tried several attempts at putting together the 'ideal band', including one with his old friend Nicko McBrain (long career: Pat Travers, Trust, Streetwalkers, and now, Iron Maiden).


Formed in 1977 by Danny and Robin Millar, who later went on to became Sade's producer among others, the band featured:

They recorded one self titled album, The Blue Max, after being signed by the late, legendary Tony Stratton-Smith (discovered Genesis among others) to his Charisma label, at the Chateau D'Herouville, site of Elton John's "Honky chateau" and David Bowie's "Low". Produced by English engineer Anton Matthews, the album suffered from a 'less than powerful' sound and the total neglect of the newly hired staff at the record company. Released in the UK and a few other European markets, it never made its way to the US.

Another 'Peyronel' connection. Murray Ward later joined Extraballe, the French band featuring Danny's brother Michel (check out Danny's sessions page).


Around 1979, Danny and 10CC guitarist Rick Fenn, great friends, tried to put together this project. Some of their songs ended in a Mason-Fenn project where Danny collaborated (again, check out Danny's sessions page).


Still living in England, Danny commuted to New York regularly from 1980-83, working with Joe Stefko, the drummer in Meat Loaf's hugely succesful "Bat out of hell" tour, on a band featuring American musicians.

The end result of this relationship was Meat Loaf's recording of "Midnight at the lost and found", the title track of his third album and the only hit to be released from it. After Meat's initial wish to do an entire album of Danny's songs, his then producer, Tom Dowd, decided against it, allowing only "Midnight..." to remain.


In March 1983, Danny accepted his brother's invitation to fly to Argentina and guest star on the up-coming double live album of his band Riff, as well as help out in the production. Riff was commanded by legendary Argentine guitarist Pappo.

A month after Danny's arrival, they recorded the double live album, En accion, produced and mixed by Michel and Danny. But they split after this album (although Riff came to life several times through the 80s and 90s).

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One of my favourite bands in our Spanish rock history. This band was commanded by the great and legendary Spanish guitarist, Salvador Dominguez. After some time, he changed the original lineup, and called Danny to join the group, so he went to live in Spain during this period.

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They release Banzai's second (and last) album, Duro y potente, following a Spanish tour, where they played in my city in June 1984. English versions of several songs on the album were written by Danny who, never getting credited for his work, spent lenghty sessions in the Mediterraneo Studios in Ibiza, coaching the singer on the right diction, as well as actually recording him.


While Banzai was over, and before Danny and Salvador continued together with the Tarzen project, Danny formed a new project with Denny Laine. Denny brought his former colleagues Ric Grech and Ginger Baker with him.

And that happened in Spain! Unfortunately, the project went nowhere, when a Spanish producer tried to record them. Oh, so there will be some tapes from that project? That would be great!! :)


Around March 1985, Banzai was over, and Salvador Dominguez and Danny Peyronel keep his alliance, forming a new group, called Tarzen (the original name was to be Tarzan, but copyright problems lent them to change the name).

Danny and his brother Michel join again in a band. Tarzen was a real NATO mixture: two Italian/Argentines (the Peyronel Brothers), a Spaniard (Salvador Dominguez) and a Liverpudlian (Ralph Hood).

They were immediately signed by Phil Carson, head of Atlantic Records in the UK, to his new label Valentino Records. Danny literally called Phil first, from Heathrow Airport, where he had arrived to try and get London based management for the band, was invited to drop by the office and offered a recording deal on the spot! (after trying for years to get a contract for previous projects, this sure was a good sign!).

His first album, Tarzen, gave them the chance to do a first USA tour, as special guests of Twister Sister, on January 1986. The supporting act on the tour was Dokken.

(Danny Peyronel with Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and great Spanish rock journalist Martin J. Louis)

After the tour, and due in large part to the collapse of Valentino and the dissapointment over the label's poor support and distribution efforts, after the initial euphoria of a world-wide release, internal problems arise, and Salvador Dominguez leaves the group around June 1986, being quickly substituted by Lawrence Archer for a few concerts and a TV special:

But after a very short period, Salvador Dominguez comes back, Archer leaves, and so does Hood. Then, they became a trio: They released a 2nd album, Es una selva ahi afuera, produced once again by Stuart Epps, this time in Buenos Aires (the 1st was recorded in Jimmy Page's Sol Studios in England, when Jimmy and Paul Rodgers were also recording the first album under The Firm name). 4 tracks were mixed by Spencer Proffer, Quiet Riot's producer.

The album, released throughout Latin America, was released in Spain by Twins Records under the title Madrid, which was the title of one of the songs.

Where is he now? 
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Danny has been singing opera for 5 years, as a 'spinto' tenor. Now, he's back to his normal feverish writing habits on his own, as well as with other artists and friends. He's been collaborating closely with Richie Ranno, lead guitarist from celebrated american group STARZ, as well as getting back into actual keyboard playing again! He's been jamming with the likes of Philip Henry (bass, from Steel Pulse, Shaggy, Queen Latifah), Donald McKenzie II (drums, with Vernon Reid from 'Living Color'), Neal Sundet (vocals, from Rattling Bones) and newcomer Eric Stuart among others. Danny and Eric recently shared a stage in New York City and were joined in an impromptu jam by Peter Frampton, producer of Eric's first CD.

Danny also went to the studio to record two tracks on a 'Cheap Trick Tribute CD', along with Richie, Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), and Frank Dimino (Angel). The album has finally been released, and it's a 2CD. Please, go to the sessions page for more details on the album.

For those interested in getting the Cheap Trick tribute album, it can be purchased from Starz website at http://www.erols.com/starzcentral.


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