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I haven't had time to keep this section updated. It was called...

The Eternal Olympus
This section tries to get current info about some musicians. Please, take a look, to see if you can help us:

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Feel free to visit these pages. I'd love to get your opinions, corrections, feedback and everything else relating to these people. Please, send me an e-mail message at mterol@myrealbox.com

It's been a long time since I last updated my site. I'm going through a complete change for the site, so I've needed to work a lot 'inside', and that's why I haven't been able to publish new pages. But, don't worry, I'm still working hard, so I have many, many new pages that I project to publish in the near future. So, just have a little more patience.

For the same reason mentioned above, I currently have many email messages that I haven't been able to answer. Again, I ask for a little patience. I always try to answer to everyone, but it's taken me longer than I would like... Thanks to all the people who writes me, either for giving me additional info or just for support. I'll include all the info you've been sending me as soon as I'm able to work on the site again.

I'm also planning starting new sections for the site, but I still have to think about it. Maybe sections about reviews of music books (I've started this one - see left column), some reviews of my all-time favourite albums, reviews of albums that can't be found in stores as they're available for sale only in Internet, etc... I also want to make a comprehensive obituary list for musicians that have sadly left us. But this is really long...

If you have a site where you think it could fit a link to my site, I'd be very grateful. I also try to add links to people, if the sites are of musical content.

This is my banner (courtesy of my great friend Boris Shnitzer):
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Do you want to receive a short e-mail message every time I add a new musician in the Olympus? If you are interested, you just have to send me an e-mail message at mterol@myrealbox.com telling me so. I don't send spam or long, boring messages; just a short announcement.
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This site is dedicated in loving memory of Cozy Powell and Tommy Eyre. Long live rock'n'roll.

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