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Since I don't know squat about the Kissers early history, I won't put anything here until i find out more (which is what i am currently trying to do). So, stay tuned. Now, you can read about..

November 3, 1998

Check out a cool Gerald Collier site that has just been put up, and is growing with each day.

July, 1998

-Gerald Collier just signed a deal with Revolution Records and will be heading into the studio this month to record a follow-up to "I had to laugh like hell". He has a full band with him, and the producer is still unknown.

Where are they now?

  • Gerald is doing the solo thing (rather well too-AP just gave him a 5 out of 5 in a recent review), touring, and was on C/Z Records in Seattle (now on Revolution)

  • Paul Shurr (played bass on Yellow Brick.. and the Twisted Willie Compilation song) and Tim Arnold (drums) have become sedentary computer geeks.

  • Dave Swafford (bassist) played in the band Mother May I for only a few months, and is now hanging around in Seattle.

  • Jeff Stone (guitarist) recorded Gerald's first solo album, toured with the Model Rockets playing guitar, and recently toured Canada with the band Nerdy Girl playing drums.

    The Lineups

    Throughout the Kissers history, they have had a number of different guitarists. I would be helping no one if I simply listed the line up of the band as they were in 1996, so I decided to post each lineup for each major recording. Basically, it was the same core each time around, but there were some changes. Take a look.

    A guy named Scott Vanderpool did drum for the Kissers for about a month or two before the Subpop EP real early on.

    The Best Kissers in the World EP (SubPop 1991)
    Gerald Collier-Vocals, Guitar
    Danny Bland
    Sten Olsen
    Carrie Akre-Vocals on "Hungover Together"

    Puddin' (MCA Records 1993)
    Gerald Collier-Vocals, Guitar
    Dave Swafford-Bass, Vocals
    Tim Arnold-Drums, Vocals
    Jimmy Paulson-Lead Guitar

    Been There (MCA Records 1993)
    Gerald Collier-Vocals, Guitar, Piano
    Dave Swafford-Bass, Background Vocals
    Tim Arnold-Drums, Percussion
    Jeff Stone-Lead Guitar, Mocha Back

    Yellow Brick Road Kill (unreleased 1996)
    Same lineup as Been There except Paul Schurr plays bass.

    Twisted Willie Session (Justice Records 1996)
    Gerald Collier-Vocals, Guitar
    Jeff Stone-Lead Guitar
    Tim Arnold-Drums
    Paul Shurr-Bass

    Links, Articles, and other Factoids


  • Gerald Collier is from Phoenix, not Seattle!

  • The cover of Been There offers many interesting things:

    -a bottle of Vicodine, maybe a reference to their SubPop EP song?
    -a copy of Kafka's The Trial, a great book.
    -a letter to Tim at MCA (not Tim Arnold-but the following is an interesting explaination by me. completely fictional I may add), having to do with: "leaves me no choice but to.....","but I do however invite you to..(probably a show)", and "you'll need:". Maybe it's a breakup letter and the girl still wanted to be nice. Girls.
    -a book, maybe titled Everything you need to know about Women.
    -Jackson 5 records (ABC)
    -Cough syrup (for Gerald!)
    -tissues by the phone (sad call)
    -an album entitled "Free to be you and me"?
    -laundry, cereal, beer, and cigarette butts.
    -the best thing, a set list! it's as follows:

    she wont get under me till I get over you
    60 seconds
    pickin' flowers for
    miss teen usa
    four letter name for lame
    hit parader
    bitch can't sing
    you love sleeping
    sweet pea
    free to be a (???) (" and me.."??)

  • The lyric: "My name is Mark, and we're from SPIN" (from "Miss Teen USA"), is an actual reference to the article I have below, and it's writer.

  • The song "Workin' on Donita" is about Donita Sparks who plays a flying V guitar. remember that when you read and listen to the lyrics.

  • They made a video for Miss Teen USA and probably a few other songs I don't know about.

  • Dave Swafford played with the band Mother May I during his union with the Kissers, and ultimately left the Kissers to play full time with MMI, but only for a few months.

  • They finished a second album for MCA Records, but it was never released (except for the single "They Give Each Other Diseases"). The release date was first supposed to be 1/96, then 2/96, then it was just shelved.

  • The Kissers had a different lead guitarist for each major release (EP, Puddin', and Been There). They didn't change guitarists from Been There to Yellow Brick Road Kill.

  • The Best Kissers in the World broke up. Yes, I'm sorry.

  • But don't worry! Gerald Collier has a solo album out on C/Z Records! It's called I had to laugh like hell.

    Articles and Links

    Best Kissers in the World
    A short blurb about the band in SPIN magazine's 1993 "Guide to College Music"

    POW! Right on the Kissers.
    A short article in December, 1993's SPIN magazine about the video shoot of Miss Teen USA.

    Gerald Collier
    A very nice article from the Rocket magazine out of Seattle where they talk about Gerald's new album, and the Best Kissers in the World a little bit.