10/5/98  I'm working on re-vamping my entire web page, starting with this part first.   I realize that it has been a long time since I've done anything, and it might be awhile before I get a whole lot done.  I'm pretty busy right now with school and maybe work (if I get a job next week,) so as soon as I get a minute I will search for new things to entertain you.  Until then, bear with me, I'm a bit slow, and look forward to new, exciting, and better things in the future!

Click on the band members to visit a page that contains info on whatever the heck is written on them.  It's not a very hard concept!


Again, I would like to apologize to all of the little people for the general lame nature of my webpage.  I hold this band in the highest regards and do not wish for anyone to be offended by the all-around crapiness of my representation of Boingo.  Send hate mail to meh24@email.byu.edu.  Thank you.

I'm always watching over you.

Learn all about my life because you are very bored.
Learn about my LOVE for Danny Elfman.
"I used to chew up rocks and spit out gravel....."- Danny Elfman, Gratitude

SOMETHING FUN TO CHECK OUT : clubs.yahoo.com-find the OingoBoingo club- Come post messages and swap stories with other Boingo fans on the net. This neat little thing was started by #boingo frequent Pampyra. It's a lot of fun and very educational. You know...for the kids :)

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