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 GOOD Oingo Boingo chat.   This could very well be the only real Oingo Boingo chat channel left out there! We have unscheduled chat much of the time.  All you need is an IRC client.  For windows, try Mirc or ircN (my personal choice).  For macintosh, try IRCle.  After you have completed this simple step, log onto efnet and /join #boingo.  We'd be happy to talk to you anytime!  Lately we've experienced some changing of room frequents and I need to get around to deleting old names and adding new ones. If you are a current member of the chat room and wish to be added to this page, please send me links and a short bio at I will be taking care of updating info on this page in the near future.


Frequents to the #BOINGO channel: 

These are the nicks and short descriptions of the people you might see in the channel.  Links are either to pictures or homepages, or whatever I could bum off of everyone. 

Elfgirl- Stuck in Provo, Utah, and in love with Danny Elfman. (aka the person who did this webpage, blame me for any errors) 

Endy- He is also stuck in Provo, Utah, where the Oingo Boingo is plentiful on the radio. He is one of the weirdest people i know. 

hayden- That guy from Australia. 

JackFr0st- This guy isn't really an Oingo Boingo fan, he just comes in because, well, he likes us. Strike up a conversation with him about the Spice Girls, though, and this guy will tell you anything you want to know. 

joolz- java junkie, weremonkey. She is the oldest frequent to the #boingo channel, but Danny Elfman is still older.

LrdByron- Another guy from Utah.  Don't know too much about him- he is mysterious and dark.

LushKittn- Her main aspiration in life is to stalk Danny Elfman. She's one of the few actual fans that comes into the room. She rawks! 

PB_Max- His favorite song is "Little Girls." He emailed me all about when his older brother made him learn the words to it and sing it at swim meets to attract girls.  Strange.

PlanNine- I don't really know much about this guy except for the fact that he's from Canada and he likes Oingo Boingo.

Pimpf- A cool guy from St. George, Utah, that likes all kinds of good music, including Oingo Boingo of course. 

_Realms_- A truly strange in-duh-vidual from Las Vegas, NV. He is more likely found in #Sanity-impaired, but is a new Danny Elfman cult member. He aspires to be the ruler of the world. Giving his 6 closest friends a continent to rule as their own, keeping Australia for himself. Although he is a zany character to talk to, he is fun, intelligent, & a pretty swell guy to know. (He wrote this himself, if it's not true, don't blame me.)

Sirrobbin- Basically, he's the guy who founded the channel. He lives near Danny, but he has yet to get me and LushKittn a jar of dirt from Danny's backyard. 

stingrey- He's not really a Boingo fan, either, but he's still cool. If you know any good unused band names, come in and tell him. 

Vandal1, Whisper^- A married couple from Canada.  Whisper loves the song Reptiles and Samuari and is in a band that plays the same song.  Both are teachers.

Verity- Verity is the bot. It is a mormon bot, though, so be nice to it! Mention the word lyric and it becomes an Oingo Boingo reciting fool!

I really hope I didn't leave anyone off. As soon as I am supplied with more links to these peoples' homepages and stuff, I will get them up.  It's always kinda nice to know who you are talking to. 
"What you see is what you get, what the hell did you expect?"-Danny Elfman, What You See  
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