This is my small tribute to a great musician.  There are several other fan pages on the net.  Mine is not intended to be a source for great enlightenment about the man himself, but about his music and its effect on me.  I have been a fan of Danny Elfman for about 4 years now, starting when I heard the singing voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The movie inspired me to write a research paper on Elfman.  From there, I found out about Oingo Boingo and started with the 1994 album Boingo.  The first time I listened to that cd, I was hooked.  The music was good and the lyrics were frighteningly realistic.  I related to many of the songs, especially Mary because, well, Danny wrote it about me (I wish anyway.)  Other film scores caught my attention over time and I became a huge fan of Edward Scissorhands and the Forbidden Zone score (if you could not tell from the title of my webpage.)  Danny Elfman is becoming more and more mainstream as more and more people are exposed to his work as a film scorer, but I think that something needs to be said also about him as a lyricist.  In my mind, he is one of the finest lyricists today.  Many of his songs talk about things that normal people can relate to and I think it is a shame that he has not been able to write more music with lyrics lately.

Music by Danny Elfman that everyone should listen to.

   Everything by Danny Elfman is valid listening material, but certain works stand out in my mind as exceptional and necessary. 
 1. The score to Edward Scissorhands     - This score sends chills down my back.  It is amazing music and I don't know anyone that doesn't like it.  The tracks I suggest are Death, Ice Dance, and The Grand Finale. 
2. The Score to The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
    - Danny Elfman really proves his singing ability on this one as well as his ability to write clever lyrics.  He sings three voices, and on the Music for a Darkened Theatre Vol. 2, there is even a version of This is Halloween where he does all of the voices.  Recommended tracks are Sally's Song and Jack's Lament. 
3. Music for a Darkened Theatre Volume I 
    - This is some of Danny's best work on a compilation! Oh happy day.  Give it a listen and you might be as impressed as I am.  Tracks recommended are Scrooged, Beetlejuice, and Forbidden Zone. 
4. Forbidden Zone Soundtrack 
    - This is mostly 80's style music and some funky score by the Mystic Knights.  I am in love with the theme song and I listen to it over and over because I can't get enough of it in one listen.  That is my recommendation on this album. 
5. The 1994 self-titled Boingo album 
    - This album is very different from anything else by the band.  It is powerful, truthful, and just good.  Danny really outdoes himself on this one.  Listen to the songs Insanity, Mary, Spider, Change, and Helpless if you have the cassette.  You won't be dissapointed. 
6. Dark at the End of the Tunnel 
    - This is quite possibly my favorite album by Oingo Boingo.  It is a very passionate album even though it did stray a bit from the quirky side of the band to a more traditonal pop approach.  This album is out of print now and it isn't easy to find, but if you possibly can, do listen to it.  I recommend the whole thing, but most highly Is This, Out of Control, Try to Believe, and Dream Somehow.

I could go through every album and tell you about them, but I strongly encourage you to listen to the albums yourself and form your own opinon.  You will learn something about real music and you might even learn something valuable about yourself.

"Why do we feel so small, alone, and helpless in this big crazy world?" - Danny Elfman,  Home Again
The information part.

Danny Elman lives in Topanga Canyon, California.  I have his address somewhere and if you really need it, email me and I will send it to you, but I don't promise its accuracy.  If you want to stalk him it's your business.  He has two children, Mali and Lola. I don't know if he is married or not.  He collects Mexican Day of the Dead artwork.  One of his favorite bands is Primus.  He is almost 45 years old (May 29.) As you can see, sadly enough he is balding.

Stuff I would like to know.

I want to know how tall this man is! No one seems to know.  It would be nice to know if he is married or not.  How old are his kids anyway?  What are his current projects and exactly how much money did he ask for to form a reunion with Oingo Boingo?  I know lots of people that would probably help me come up with the millions because we  were denied ever having a concert experience with the band.

If you know any information about Danny Elfman and upcoming projects, past projects, or just neat facts, PLEASE email me.
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I can tell by the look in your blank dull eyes that you agree, but I'm not a bit surprised - Danny Elfman, Perfect System